How about better parents

6 June 2016

In order to accomplish academic success, children need good teachers as well as responsible parents. In “How About Better parents?”, Thomas Friedman discussed the importance and impact of parents guidance towards the success children’s academic career. The author has tried to establish his argument with a research study that states that American students are not faring well in math and science as good as students of some prominent countries. The author concluded that a teacher could be more effective, if parents act more responsively.

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Any rational minded person would admit that education is the foundation, which most often guarantees brighter future to young generations. Children’s academic success not only depends on good teacher as well as responsible parents. Parent’s duty doesn’t cease just by sending their children to schools. Parents supervision of their children after school is a as important as the time they spend in the school. When parents show interest about children’s studies and guide through their homework, they get the feeling of encouragement.

They start to think that they are doing something right. No wonder, why ‘PISA’ research found that teenagers scored higher that the rest because their parents regularly did some academic activity around them. It is a normal tendency of children to mimic their parents. For example when they she their mother playing piano or father working on computer, they get the urge to learn some new skill. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to do something creative to encourage their children, when they are next to their children.

Anybody with the slightest sense of responsibility would agree that parenting is not an easy task. Parents clock of responsibility starts from the moment the little angle comes to this world and continues until he or she grows up. It is parent’s duty to protect, support and guide them through the right path to be successful in their life. A good teacher can help student in the classroom, but cannot be a replacement of good parents.

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