How Advertising Changed to Fit New Media and Technology

This paper discusses the changes that have taken place to change the media and advertising world.

The paper discusses and sheds light on how changes in the advertising industry and new creative techniques emerged to make specific advertisements stand out from its competitors. The author examines what media and advertising strategies manufactures would use, where these new ideas came from and how consumers respond. A look at how technology and the emergence of new unexplored mediums altered previous advertising strategies.

From the paper:

“In the 1880s most manufactures were starting to see a huge boom in the economy, which allowed them to expand their area of distribution and dip into new markets previously unattainable. Alongside this enormous economic growth, many technological changes were taking place as well. For example, mechanized farming equipment, sewing machines, and other machinery were invented increasing the production processes of the past. As a direct result of this increase in production, factories expanded and products became available at a lower cost and faster rate than ever before.

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New inventions began to appear such as the automobile, telephone and light bulb. In 1896 the government and the railroad companies developed the national railroad system and rural free delivery. With this, it was now possible for manufactures to distribute goods to geographic areas previously unreachable.”

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