How are women represented negatively in the music industry

6 June 2016

For my proposal investigation, I will be observing two music videos and comparing them with each other, exploring the positive and negative ways in which women are represented in these two existing music videos. From this investigation, I will be expecting to fjnd out the reason why and how women are represented in the music industry. I will do this by researching different types of music and different videos in which I will analyse to come to a realisation of just how they are being portrayed.

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The initial secondary research sources which I have observed and detected are, websites that show articles about how women are presented in music videos, A TV documentary ‘Desire, Sex & Power In Music Videos’. This helped me to understand more of what I was researching, as it made me realize the impacts of women being portrayed negatively in the music industry could have on the audiences.

The music videos, which I will be analysing, are Ne Yo – Miss Independent in contrast to Diced Pineapples – Rick Ross. These two genres fit in to ‘R&B’ genre, however the way women are portrayed in these two videos, are diverse to each other. Both individual videos associate with females back up dancers, which dance and act in the duration of the videos. I think that this is effective way to hook in the audience, as the media currently portray women in a way which the viewer’s seem to be essentially addicted into.

It is argued that most of the music industry is dominated by men, which is the reason why most of the music videos today portrays women in a sexual way which means that there’s nothing else to women than the physical appearance. As the viewer’s become so familiarized with sexual activity and the objectification of women, these things become norms.

Looking at Diced Pineapples – Rick Ross music video, the video is constructed around a notion of sexuality. It begins with an imagery of large-breasted women in a bikini, similar to what you would potentially find in a playboy magazine. This first scene moves in slow motion with the camera switching back and forth between close-ups of the women surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere as she makes seductive facial expressions.

The slow motion effect which moves back and forth with flashing images of the women’s essential parts such as the bottom and breast, this indicates that the artist’s associated in the music video feel dominant over the women as the ladies are portrayed as sex objects in few different ways. One way in which is through their clothing, for example one of the women during the video is wearing an all-in one bikini, which then the camera shows close-ups of their partially revealed breast. The camera work in this music video constantly focuses on the partly naked women to try and catch the audience’s attention.

The obvious purpose of the women’s clothes in this music video is to emphasize on the fact that the director is trying to catch attention of these women. The sound in the music video, includes the artists voices, which lyrically may be taken offensively by women and may seem very degrading. For example, Wale sings: ‘when I peek into your nature and I promise you my goals will exceed any physical pressure’. This indicates that that he is going to make her feel an emotional or spiritual connection even (in a sexual way). This portrays women in a sexual way in which they may not want to be represented.

On the other hand, the music video Ne-Yo – Miss Independent has a different way in which it represents women. It portrays women in a sensible and less in a sexual way. The music video does this by; clothing the women which are associated in it not only in appropriate clothing but the way they dance is not in a sexual or erotic way. In contrast to Diced Pineapples – Rick Ross and Ne-yo – Miss Independent are very diverse compared to each other. For instance, the concept of the song ‘Miss Independent’ is different to ‘Diced Pineapples’ as the way it’s trying to portray women is in a positive way.

It does this in various ways, for example, the way the women are dressed in Neyo’s video is different, their body is not only covered with clothes, but it’s covered with sophisticated a clothes which indicates that the concept of the music video was to portray women in a positive way. The locations of where the women actors are situated in also adds to this, due to these females being in an office and dressed in classy garments implies that they are elegant and exclusive, this reveals the purpose of this video unlike ‘diced pineapples’ where it is obviously clear what they are trying to presume from the video.

In conclusion, I believe that music videos used women in a seductive way to fulfil their function of selling music videos, it is clear that women’s bodies have functioned as an important currency through which stories in music videos that are told.

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