How Birth Control Affects Society

A description of how birth control has affected society as a whole, society’s perception of women, and the impact it has had on the AIDS virus.

This paper discusses the introduction of the birth control pill, outlining society’s concept of a woman’s duties from pre-1920’s and up to the surge of the feminist movement. The paper explains how the popularity of the birth control pill, and the feminist movement has made a major impact on the difference of the roles and lifestyles of women. This paper also takes a look at the positive impact birth control has had on preventing AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Table of Contents
Birth Controls Impact on Society
“The popularity of the birth control pill brought the world into the sexual revolution. The easy access to birth control encouraged promiscuity, and eventually brought us into the women’s movement in the 1970’s.

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How Birth Control Affects Society
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Women’s freedom over their sexuality allows freedom of their financial independence. However the true beginning of the women’s movement began as early as the 1920’s. The possibility of contraceptives would not have been possible in the 1960’s without the original women’s movement in the 1920’s. The purpose of this essay to describe how birth control has affected society, and the impact it had on the AIDS virus.”

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