How Can Burberry Win More Market in China

1 January 2017

From its founding in 1856, Burberry has become the leading British luxury brand globally. Spartak Thomas Burberry, founder of the typical British temperament is the classic British brand Burberry style of the cornerstone. Products originally made famous called Gabardine the wind is a raincoat, this coat is up to the royal family, down to the white-collar staff a little boutique.

In addition to traditional clothing, the response to the era of diverse, Burberry will also be extended to other areas of antenna design, and classical elements into which the introduction of Burberry related products, so that the traditional British noble personality and lifestyle continue to extend them to obtain new life. In the last half of the fiscal year, sales in China increased by 25%.

Burberry chief executive Angela La Lorenz (Angela Ahrendts) said: “The climate here is outline, gift culture, youth groups, and significant customer base of men are very different elements for our products. ” Burberry in the next 6 months in China at the beginning of five new stores, accounting for half of the fiscal year plan to half the number of new shop. According to the research, in 2007, Burberry in Asia is still a small part of its income.

However in 2011, things changed dramatically. Asia suddenly became its second large consumption area in the world. Our group is very interested in these questions: expand their market in China? 2. Why did China become Burberry’s biggest market in Asia? And by discovering these questions, we finally want to solve: How can Burberry beat other famous luxury brands and win more Chinese market?

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