How Could You Leave Us by NF

1 January 2020

I may not be the best with music styles but NF has the most pain feeling songs. Once you listen to at least one song completely you can tell he has lived with so much pain that he holds in and let it out in his music. One of NFs’ song “How could you leave us” has put me in a position where I can feel what he felt while making the song, I have never felt so much pain and so much in common with an artist until his music popped out of nowhere. NF says “How could 3 you leave us so unexpected? We were waiting, we were waiting , For you but you just left us, We needed you, I needed you.” Reading that without the instrumental in the background you can feel what he felt I can say I’ve been at the same position as him. NF has the most soothing and relaxing voice when he sings like in his other song “Lost in the moment” he starts off the song with a heavenly beat while he starts his song with him singing, but once the rap part kicks in the beat drops and hits you with the pain he felt in his life. NF says “This may be the last sunset I’ll see, So I’ll take it in”he doesn’t only talk about himself he talks about his family. His music shows that he thinks he was a disappointment to his family and that he let everybody he knows down. NF has the most thrilling life experiences his mom died from an overdose. He has a strong character in music, most artists just sing without putting emotion into it but NF does he puts so much emotion into his music that you can hear the pain and he also cries during his recordings.

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