How does culture define our individuality and how can an individual alter culture?

How does culture define our individuality and how can an individual alter culture? Culture is a set of morals and traditions that are used by a group of people. Culture is a huge part of everyone’s life. Culture determines how you do everyday things like dress or eat. Culture confines our options & provides Important guidelines. Mass media is one thing that shows our always changing culture to the world.

Through communication most of the messages passed on from mass media fit our culture, strengthen It, and connect It.Culture 100% affects our Individuality. In Anthem the Council controls everything the people believe In and do In their everyday life. Part of Equality 7-sass’s forced culture was to worship the saying “We are one In all and all In one. There are no men but only the great WE, One, Indivisible and forever. ” (19) All people of the same crowd learn to accept and abide by these standards. Our culture is not permanent.

We, the people, can change that way of life through hard work and goals.Individuals can change their own culture. They can do things such as create a medicine for a sickness or invent a new device, like a cellophane. Our culture is ever-changing and anyone can alter it. Improvements to technology are the main thing that affects our culture. For example, a recent transformation was a normal computer into a touch-screen computer. And as these advances take place people join in on the new trend.

In Anthem Equality 7-sass’s culture denied the ability to have any kind of personal relationships.This is proved by the quote International 4-8818 and we are friends. This is an evil thing to say, for it is a transgression… ” (30) Our culture defines who we are and we define what it is. Any person can improve it by working hard to spread the idea of a new invention, a new way to do something, or many other possibilities.

Magazines, newspapers, the internet, people, signs, and even books can get the word out. Our culture is our way of life and it explains who we are…

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