How does Golding introduce Piggy, Jack and Ralph?

8 August 2016

How does Golding introduce Piggy, Jack and Ralph? Golding introduces Piggy as an intelligent and more matured boy: “Nobody don’t know we’re here – We may stay here till we die” Piggy, unlike Ralph, is more aware of the situation and is focusing on the importance of no adults on the island. Piggy is shown looking on the logical, mature side of the situation whereas Ralph, much like most of the other boys they meet later, are excited about living with no rules and no adults. As Piggy therefore seems more mature than Ralph, who ends up being the leader, he would be the best choice for a group leader.

Piggy is also introduced as intelligent by his glasses: ‘looked up through his thick spectacles’ Piggy’s glasses are used to symbolise his wisdom and being able to see clarity, presenting him as a smart boy. Piggy’s glasses are important as without them the boys could not have made a fire, therefore implying Piggy is an important character on the island. The glasses also used to symbolise civilisation within the group, foreshadowing the tragic ending after Jack breaks the glasses, representing the break in civilisation.

How does Golding introduce Piggy, Jack and Ralph? Essay Example

Piggy’s glasses also link to what class he’s presented with. Golding introduces Piggy as a working class character: ‘The frame had made a deep, pink “V” on the bridge’ Piggy’s glasses are clearly shown as being too big for him, suggesting that he has not bought glass frames that fit his face correctly, whereas it would be likely Ralph would have. This may be because the only importance for Piggy’s glasses was that they would help him see rather than also supply comfort. This suggests Piggy is working class and a noticeably lower class character than Ralph.

Golding introduces Jack as a dominant leader : “Choir! Stand still! ” The use of two imperative verbs instantly shows Jack’s as a strong boss, conveying his power and leadership over his choir, also mentioning his position as head boy. As Jack is already presented as a leader figure to his choir, he is already regarded as a leader to the rest of the group due to his older status and bossy, intimidating nature. Golding introduces Jack as arrogant and aggressive : “I ought to be

chief” The use of a declarative suggests Jack’s arrogant nature as he has decided he should be the chief of the group and is suggesting he thinks he is the best and most powerful leader on the island. He is later shown as aggressive to other characters who seem to be of no importance: “We don’t want you” said Jack, flatly’ The use of the word ‘flatly’ suggests Jacks lack of sympathy towards Piggy therefore showing aggression as he is bullying others to show his authority and power. This is because Jack wants to show he is a leader. Golding introduces Ralph as a kind, sensible leader to the group: “All right.

Who wants Jack as chief? ” Ralph is shown complying with the voting for leader as he wants to be fair and equal to Jack, showing his civil, kind nature. He is also described afterwards as being ‘eager to offer’ Jack something, to show him that Ralph does not want to fight against Jack but work with him as well as chosing him to go exploring with him and Simon. He is also presented as a sensible character as he is shown building huts and finding ways to maximise their chance of rescue. Golding introduces Ralph as an innocent, middle class character: ‘The boy with fair hair’.

As Ralph is described with ‘fair hair’ it implies his hair is blonde which can be associated as innocent, which foreshadows Ralph’s involvement with the tragedies during the novel. Ralph is presented as a middle class character shown through his attitude to his clothes: ‘to put on a grey shirt once more was strangely pleasing’ Ralph is showing his pride in wearing his clothes, which happen to be his school uniform. This shows how Ralph must come from a middle class background as he enjoys his school life and education is proud to be showing off his uniform

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