How Does One’s Relationship to One’s Past Influence One’s Present? Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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How Does One’s Relationship to One’s Past Influence One’s Present? Essay Sample
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Everyone needs to hold a clear apprehension of where he or she wants to travel in the hereafter through cognizing what one has learned through the yesteryear. The key to this apprehension is self-awareness and credence of our personality. civilization. and all the events that have shaped us. both positive and negative. We must be able to place our prejudices and ability to be nonsubjective or subjective. topic to what we have been socialized to cognize. In order to be nonsubjective and engage in the hereafter. we must recognize the consequence that others have had on our socialisation procedure and inquiry this. To travel on to be aesthetically. academic minds. we must get down as a “clean slate” with a connexion to our yesteryear. but non a trust on this past zone of comfort. We must set about the hard procedure of recognizing that we may non truly cognize what we think we know. Parents may hold guided us with the best purposes. but without all the facts. To be connected with the people in our yesteryear. requires that we understand and appreciate their wisdom and instructions. but that we must now get down to oppugn all of this. It is non a move of discourtesy or neglect. but alternatively. the first measure to appreciating others values and ideas. different from ours. We can so. get down to organize our ain egos more to the full and productively.

The hereafter can be dashing in its ambiguity. We may be full of inquiries and frights of it. But. we have all seen successes and failures in a past. in some respect. and have learned from these experiences. We have all been applauded or antagonized and have learned to get the better of unfavorable judgment and to take ownership of our positive workss. From this past experience. comes our readying for the pros and cons of each of our projects in the hereafter. We have learned what it is like to be judged and. hopefully can link to the yesteryear. to non judge others and be unfastened and willing to new thoughts. people. and topographic points. We can non be prisoners of the past. we need to liberate ourselves for the unsure freedom of acquiring to cognize ourselves and the universe around us in a better manner.

The yesteryear will ever be the past and is inactive in its place in our lives. We must come to accept the invariably traveling present to the hereafter and larn to be speedy in our surveies and our attending. Hopefully. the yesteryear has prepared us for a invariably germinating universe and hereafter. If it has non. we must rapidly larn to be speedy. We may desire to reminisce about slower and safer times. but we were immature in the yesteryear. so we must larn to be grownups. No affair what our age. we invariably grow in cognition and ability to utilize our wisdom. so our yesteryear must be viewed as both our childhood and our first phase of oppugning the universe around us. The hereafter represents the accretion of all our past readying and ideals of flawlessness. non merely for ourselves. but for the whole universe.

In this yesteryear are other superb minds and pioneers that we can turn to for inspiration and penetration into ourselves. We can link with them in theory and Hagiographas to see how much of history repetitions itself and will go on to reiterate itself in the hereafter. It is our responsibility to retrieve the yesteryear. so non to hold to reiterate it. to invariably introduce better ways to work out the world’s jobs. If we can keep our relationship to the yesteryear without going mired in it and all of the information that may discourage us from detecting existent truths. we will merely so. be successful pupils and subscribers to a better universe for the hereafter.

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