How Does Steinbeck Explore the Theme of Loneliness in ”Of Mice and Men” Essay Sample

8 August 2017

In “Of Mice and Men” . the subject of solitariness is cardinal to the novel. It is introduced to the reader at the really start of the fresh i. e. the first clip that we see George and Lennie they are walking apart – “they had walked in individual file down the way and even in the unfastened one stayed behind the other” . Throughout the novel we see that everyone is lonely and it seems that the description of George and Lennie at the start of the novel. about prepare the reader for the alone life styles of all the other characters in the novel. The chief subject in the novel seems to be loneliness and Steinbeck explores the different ways this affects the other characters in the fresh i. e. George is lonely in a different manner to Lennie and so the subject of solitariness is shown in a different facet.

George and Lennie are both migratory workers going around the state looking for work. However even though they are going together and have each other for company. they are both still lonely. George is entirely in his duty in looking after Lennie. There is no 1 to assist him and he is weary of the life style he is populating – “If I didn’t have you I could hold it easy” . This reveals that sometimes he wishes that Lennie wasn’t at that place so he could populate like everybody else and bask the same freedom as other work forces. “I could travel acquire a occupation an’ work an’ no trouble” – this reinforces the fact that George wants what all other work forces have got and that he is fed up of holding to maintain traveling about every clip Lennie gets in problem.

How Does Steinbeck Explore the Theme of Loneliness in ”Of Mice and Men” Essay Sample Essay Example

Lennie is lonely because he has no household to look after him ( his Aunt Clara is dead and there is no reference of his parents- they may hold abandoned him because of his disablement ) and he is wholly reliant on George to look after him. However he is isolated from George because of his disablement. He is lonely in his ain universe where no 1 can truly entree him or understand him nevertheless much they try. Another ground why Lennie is lonely is because he can ne’er hold what he wants ( mice and coneies to pet ) because he ever ends up killing them. We can see this affects him in the novel because he starts shouting after George takes the dead mouse off him “Lennie’s lip quivered and cryings started in his eyes” . This shows us that he is merely like a kid in that he starts shouting when he doesn’t acquire what he wants and he is lonely because George will non give him the dead mouse to maintain him company.

The subject of solitariness is besides explored by Steinbeck through Curley’s married woman. She has no comrades and is lonely and isolated as she is the lone adult females on the spread or for stat mis about. This is evident by her changeless hunt for attending with the alibi “I’m lookin’ for Curley” . Her isolation is heightened because none of the work forces dare to speak to her or acquire involved with her- “why won’t no 1 talk to me? ” She is isolated by Curley who won’t allow her socialise with anyone else i. e. every clip she goes someplace off from the house he comes looking after her “Any you guys seen my married woman? ” This proves to me that Curley is covetous and genitive over her. This is besides observed by the cats who say “He spends half his clip lookin’ for her and the remainder of the clip she’s lookin’ for him” which reveals how genitive he is of her. We besides see that throughout the novel she is invariably referred to as “Curley’s wife” . which shows that she is seen as being Curley’s ownership. She is non allowed to be an person like she wants to be and we see that she is acrimonious and angry about this when she tells her narrative to Lennie at the terminal of the novel- “Coulda been in the movies” .

Another character who is lonely in the novel is Crooks. He is stray because of societal grounds i. e. he is perceived as a lower category because he is black. He is besides separated from the other people because he has a physical disablement “the nigger’s got a crooked back” . Crooks was treated as a 2nd category citizen because of his darker skin coloring material. He is isolated from everybody else as there are no other colored people on the spread and there is merely one coloured household in the whole of Soledad. We see in the novel that Crooks is non allowed to remain in the same room as all of the other people- “he had his bunk in the harness room” and he is ferociously protective over it- “This here’s my room. Cipher got any right in here but me” this shows us how stray he is because he has a defensive attitude to frighten anyone off because he believes that they will state things to him. However this is crushed by Curley’s married woman who reminds him of his low societal position when she says “you know what I can make to you if you open your trap” . We see that Crooks withdraw into himself after this verbal onslaught by Curley’s married woman once more demoing how stray he is. This once more emphasises how detached he is form the remainder of society and that he seen as being lower than females and holding no rights.

Candy is lonely in the book because of his age. He is due to be “canned” ( fired ) because he is useless. He says this himself: “I ain’t got the crap no more” . Candy is physically handicapped as he lost one manus. This isolates him from everybody else as he can’t do a batch of things “I ain’t much good with o’ny one hand” screening that he believes himself to be useless. Candy is lonely because he has no household ; his lone household was his Canis familiaris which he had had since he was a whelp. When they shoot his Canis familiaris. Candy has nil left in the universe. He delays killing him even though he knows it’s the right thing to make because he doesn’t want to lose his womb-to-tomb comrade. “I had ‘im excessively long” . However his wants are over looked and no 1 seems to care about what Candy thinks. Steinbeck shows the attitude towards the older coevals in 1930’s America who are seen as once more being of a lower societal position than everybody else. Candy tries to get the better of his solitariness by fall ining in with George and Lennie’s dream of purchasing their spread. However this is crushed at the terminal of the novel when Lennie dies and the dream dies with him. Candy is left defeated and lonely as George can non transport on without Lennie “Now Candy spoke his greatest fright. ‘You an’ me can acquire that small topographic point. can’t we George? ”

To reason. George and Lennie’s relationship is juxtaposed against the alone life style of the migratory worker. We see how unusual their relationship is. as even though they are going together they are both still lonely. We see in the novel that everyone is alone apart from the one exclusion of Slim who is portrayed as being “perfect in every way” . I think that Steinbeck shows the alone life that the migratory workers had in the 1930’s and he explores the different manner that people are lonely i. e. George is lonely because of his duty. Lennie is lonely because of the disablement that makes him move like a kid. Curley’s married woman is lonely as she is non acquiring the attending that she urgently wants. Crooks and Candy both have physical disablements and are of lower position than everyone else because Candy is old and Crooks is a negro. We see that even though these people are all surrounded by other characters on the spread it is still possible to experience lonely because of the sort of life style they are populating and the clip that they are in.

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