How Emotions Influence Decision-Making

1 January 2018

To express too much anger or happiness, could be because of pressure that does not allow individuals to be themselves and results in a society that does not learn how to have unique ideas or critically think.

It is difficult to believe that a government would control a society by forcing them to burn books which deprives them of gaining knowledge and wisdom. In both the book, Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, and the movie, Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross, the citizens struggle with self-identity, but the moods are very different in each society. Pleasantville is a Utopian society where nobody fought and wives were always trying to make their husbands happy, which is in contrast to Fahrenheit 451, a Dystopian society in which Montag and Mildred are a good example of a couple that did not love each other and was not happy. In contrast, the society in Fahrenheit 451 are miserable versus in Pleasantville where they are happy, but similarly, each society conforms to living routine lives by conforming to rules which end in dissatisfaction, people being demeaned, and a loss in their identity.In Fahrenheit 451, the people are ruled by a law that books can not be read or else they will be burned, which consequently, deprives them of learning about their past history or thinking critically. The people are afraid of further knowledge and not following the law so they continue to be ignorant. Unfortunately, this creates a dystopian society of miserable and depressed people who are dissatisfied with their lives.

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When Beatty said, “Many sports for everyone….” this seems to show how people keep going about their business day after day without any emotion which is a sign of dissatisfaction. Likewise, Mildred who was Montag’s wife was very consumed with watching television all day long and really did not care about anyone or anything else. Watching television all day can make you lazy and does nothing to stimulate your mind. This supports why Mildred was dissatisfied with her life, and why she was depressed and tried to commit suicide.which deprived the people of In today’s society people are always considered stereotypical. The people who take an alternate route are considered different in the public’s eyes.

both make it very evident that society is scripted and never goes with the flow. This takes away from people’s emotions and they just seem like robots. Their society is like living life inside of a box and anyone who goes outside of the box is considered forbidden. they shame on them. In both the book and the movie it confronts the problem and is very easily depicted.

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