How Franklin Presents His Story of Self Improvement

12 December 2017

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 being the fifteenth of seventeen children to Josiah and Bah Franklin. He was the 10th son out of his father’s children. He was a diplomat, scientist, Inventor, philosopher, educator and a public servant (Compost’s Encyclopedia pig. 379). I thought after reading the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, I felt like he did present his story as an illustration of self- Improvement.

Further Into my essay I will present some of the things he did to illustrate his self-improvement.Benjamin Franklin became a model to some people. At an early age, he worked as an apprentice in his brother’s printing shop. Together he and his brother made and printed newspapers for the New England Currant. After working with his brother for some time, they both had a fallen out which led to Benjamin Franklins move to Pennsylvania. When Franklin moved to Pennsylvania, he started to print newspapers for himself. After starting printing his own newspapers and many of the other success he had, he acknowledges and thank God for that.

How Franklin Presents His Story of Self Improvement Essay Example

He mentioned in the autobiography that without the help of God, he would not have done the things he had done. Now days, we should always give thanks to God because if it was not for him we would not be here or able to do the things he is allowing us to do. Throughout Franklins lifetime, he encouraged others just by doing the things he did and being a great leader. His attitude was never a bad one, and others liked that and it made them want to change their way about life Just as BenJamin Franklin did.I also believe that while at an early age, he gave his praises and acknowledgements to God was a way to show his readers that Is was a way to show his self-improvement. While Franklin was in New York, he found a friend by the name of John Collins. Franklin and Collins both shared an Interest In books.

They became close acquaintances when Collins arrived in New York. Collins was a person who was similar to Franklin, but they both had different lifestyles. Franklin was not the type of 1 OFF that Collins had drinking and gambling problems.Soon after he found out that Collins was being seen drunk and had retrieved a major gambling debt. Showing to others his self-improvement, he did his best to help his friend get his life back together. In the autobiography he said, “So that I was oblige to discharge his lodging, and dietary his expenses to and at Philadelphia, which Provo extremely inconvenient to me. ” I thought this meant that regardless to the fact how much Collins drank and gamble Franklin would always be there.

He did not want to see his friend life go to waste and he would do anything to prevent that. Benjamin Franklin lived by and practiced thirteen virtues as a way to his self- improvement. Mastering all of the virtues all at one time was not his plan. But, he did say in his autobiography that he would accomplish one at a time. Another quote that he stated in his autobiography was. “l Judge it would be well not to distract my attention by attempting the whole at once, but to fix it one of them at a time; and, when I should be master of that, then proceed to another. No matter how many virtues Franklin tried to live by and practice, he would accomplish them only one if it meant doing them one at a time.

Franklin was always showing different ways to his sell-improvement. And, I believe that the best way was through him mastering all of the virtues. When he was young, he became fascinated with books. It did not matter what he dead, but when he read he started to live the life from those books. I do believe that most of the books that he read throughout his lifetime had a major impact on his self-improvement.Sometimes in a lifetime, you can become familiar with books and it can make you want to turn around your life. I have had experiences where I have read a book and after reading that book I wanted to practice what that book was telling its readers.

The name of the book was called A Divine Revelation of Hell, Time is Running Out! In this book, God gave the women the visions of what hell would be eke and was told to tell people that they should choose life instead of hell.I do believe that, if you read this book it would make you want to turn your life around for the better because, I am sure no one wants to be placed there when they leave this earth. With Benjamin Franklin reading the books, it helped him in becoming who he had become in early America. In closing, Benjamin Franklins autobiography was an illustration of his self- improvement. He was indeed successful in his attempt to showing his readers Just that. To me, he was not only a self-promoter, but he was also someone who would end a helping hand to others.

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