How Gardners’ Theory Applies to Me

1 January 2017

It further states that the instructional methods used to learn/teach, should be suitable to each persons particular type of intelligence, as well. For example, a person with a strong musical intelligence might best learn to program a computer by trying to program a piece of music. Gardner (1999) claims we all have various blends of these intelligences. This being said, I took several self-assessment tests (https://www. edutopia. org/multiple-intelligences-learning-styles-quiz), and the results repeatedly pointed to the same strengths: Spatial/Visual (My strongest)-Intrapersonal (Second strongest)- Naturalistic (Same as Intrapersonal).

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I thought about how all of these intelligences have helped me in the past to learn new things, and I was surprised how accurate those assessments really were: 1. I’m an artist (Visual), and I often incorporate seashells, dried flowers, etc. I’ve collected (Naturalistic), into my artwork. 2. I’ve been an avid bird-watcher (Visual, Naturalistic), since childhood. 3. I enjoy solving hidden object or ‘spot the difference’ types of puzzles 4. I’ve collected fossils/rocks/minerals (Naturalistic), for as long as I can remember and I will display them around y home or office. (Visual). *Note: Gardner (1993) researched and identified naturalist intelligence and existential intelligence as being the eighth and ninth types. 5. I enjoy painting and decorating birdhouses (Visual) and I’m teaching myself how to do mosaics too, (Intrapersonal, Visual, Naturalistic). I’m sure there’s many more that I haven’t thought of yet, especially since I’m still pretty new to this concept, and about all the various ways the intelligences interact with each other according to different situations.

It will take me some time to reflect on it more, before I’m able to spot them more effectively, (Which, by the way, is an Intrapersonal trait! ). I was able to decipher, however, how each of the above examples pertained to each individual intelligence mentioned. I have always loved nature, the outdoors, figuring out how fossils are formed, and what life was like for them, (what their eco-systems were like, etc,), and I looked forward to all my Science classes. These are all considered Naturalistic traits.

I’m an artist, have always been drawn to colors and playing around with different color combinations and visualizing things in my head, like I’m watching a movie all are Visual intelligences. The best way for me to concentrate on my artwork, study, read, etc. , is when I’m alone with no one around to distract me. I also prefer being alone just to ‘daydream’ about my goals. Yet, I’m always sensitive to others and understanding of them. People seem to always come to me just to talk about anything!

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