How Had Steinbeck Prepare the Reader

2 February 2017

Like for example, how they had to flee Weed because Lennie want to touch a certain woman’s dress because of the dress’ texture (Lennie has fixation of touching soft things,) but his touch becomes aggressive and is mistaken for a possible rape attempt. Making them have to abscond and hide in a ditch untill were able to leave: ‘She jerks back and you hold on like it was a mouse. She yells and we got to hide in a irrigation ditch all day with guys lookin’ for us, and we got to sneak out in the dark and get outta the country.All the time somethin’ like that–all the time. ‘ This shows how Lennie manages to get into some sort of trouble therefore there is a likeliness of him getting in trouble once again as George say how something like that happens all the time. From Lennie’s attempt to touch the woman in Weed anticipates his touching of the hair of Curley’s wife later, a touch which results in him accidentally breaking her neck and her death.

In chapter 1 also, George mentions that if Lennie ever gets into any kind of trouble he should go hide in the brush by the lake: ”Through out Chapters one and five, there has a some sort of presence of death or injury everywhere – the mouse, Candy’s dog, pup, Curley’s hand – this shows how with George and especially Lennie around, there is likeliness of someone getting hurt. The mouse and pup show how Lennies strength is unsurpassable making him able to kill anything without realising it. This is also linked at the beginning of Chapter five when Lennie’s pup was killed when he by accident squeezed it too much.Within Lennie’s sorrow, Steinbeck has used the setting to create some sort of tension from the eerie calmness and peacefullness. Normally with situations like these there is peace and then a disaster (calm before the storm,) not everything can remain how it is, Steinbeck has put this to perspective as a result showing the harsh reality of the ranch life and that it is not a fairytale the life within the 1930’s. As previously stated, with Lennie’s presense there is some kind of fault happening.Just like when Curley mistakes for Lennie smirking at him and fights Lennie but has the consequence of his hand being crushed by Lennie large powerful hand: ‘The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennie’s big hand.

How Had Steinbeck Prepare the Reader Essay Example

‘ From this it makes the reader know that somehow Curley was going to get revenge somehow from what Lennie did, this in someways could prepare the reader that there will be a connection with that and what will happen to Lennie in the last chapters.In addition, the killing of Candy’s old dog in Chapter 3 foreshadows Lennie’s own death in the novel’s final chapter. Unlike Candy, however, who allows Carlson to shoot his dog with the Luger, George will be the one who kills his constant companion Lennie, with chapter 5’s main reason why they have to kill Lennie. Another way Steinbeck has prepared the readers was the presentation of Curley’s wife, of course Curley’s wife is the main reason why Lennie is killed, however Curley’s wife is always made up and flirtatious making her gain a lot of unnessescary attention from some of the ranch workers- including Lennie.

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