How Helium Works Essay Research Paper How

9 September 2017

How Helium Works Essay, Research Paper

How Helium Balloons Work

There is something improbably particular about He balloons! If you buy one at the circus or carnival, you can keep its twine and it will sit along above you. If you let travel of the twine it will wing off until you can non see it any longer. If you have of all time wondered why it flies off, the transitions below can assist you to calculate out the enigma.

Helium flotation

Helium balloons work utilizing precisely the same jurisprudence of perkiness. In this instance, the He balloon that you hold by a twine is drifting in a & # 8220 ; pool & # 8221 ; of air. The He balloon displaces an sum of air ( merely like a empty bottle displaces an sum of H2O ) . Equally long as the He plus the balloon is lighter than the air it displaces, the balloon will drift in the air.

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It turns out that He is a batch lighter than air. The difference is non every bit great as it is between H2O and air ( a litre of H2O weighs about 1,000grams, while a litre of air weighs about a gm ) , but it is important. Helium weighs 0.1785 gms per litre. Nitrogen weighs 1.2506 gms per litre, and since N makes up approximately 80 % of the air we breath, 1.25 gms is a good estimate for the weight of litre of air. Therefore, if you were to make full a one-liter sodium carbonate bottle full of He, the bottle would weigh about 1 gm less than the same

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bottle filled with air. That doesn & # 8217 ; t sound

like much – since the bottle weighs more than a gm the bottle will non drift. However, in big volumes, the 1-gram per litre difference between air and He can truly add up. This explains why balloons are by and large rather big – they have to displace a batch of air to drift.

So why is He so much lighter than air? It & # 8217 ; s because He atoms are lighter than a nitrogen atom. It has fewer negatrons, protons and neutrons than N atoms do, and that makes it much more lighter. Approximately the same figure of atoms of each of the elements fills about the same sum of infinite. Therefore, the gases made of lighter atoms are lighter.

If you put helium in a balloon and allow travel of the balloon, the balloon rises until it pops. When it pops, the He that escapes has no ground to halt & # 8211 ; it merely keeps traveling and leaks out into infinite. Therefore, in the ambiance there is really small He at any given clip. The He comes from alpha atoms emitted by radioactive decay. Since the decay of uranium emits tonss of alpha atoms and a natural gas pocket tends to be a certain container resistance. Helium is so carefully distilled out of natural gas to bring forth the He we put in balloons. Helium is safe for balloons pumping because it is a really stable gas ( Noble Gas ) . However, since the cost of extraction of He is so expensive, this explains why a He air balloon costs you quite a luck when you buy it.

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