How Historian Barry Strauss Treats Achilles

5 May 2017

The Greeks were much more than pirates or Vikings. Strauss reminds us that little has changed in new warfare and that names and dates change but not combat its self . He does pose the question a couple if times in the article if Achilles and the Trojan War even took place or if it did the times it took place. He makes a strong case and with some facts to support Achilles and the Trojan War. For example there in the Egyptian archives there are stories or this battle taking place.

Although the times and events may e off by a couple hundred years I feel he makes a strong case that it all took place. The reviewer is in total agreement with Strauss. The story of Achilles the first warrior of the western world gives more in site to Homer’s epic poem the Iliad. Going to the movies or renting the Trojan War on DVD will do the story no Justice but by reading just this short article brings the entire story and the history of these events to life. As evidence is being unearthed to support the battle and the warriors tale , we will surely have to rewrite history.

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