How i celebrate christmas

6 June 2016

Decorations And Lightings During christmas time in India, our family decorates the whole house with lightings and decorations. We also set up a nativity set which is a major tradition to us. Lights are a vital part of celebrating christmas for Indians as they symbolize brightness and liveliness, we even have a festival of lights called, diwali. Red and green are the traditional colours of christmas. Green represents the continuance of life through the winter, green represents the nature; the christmas trees are green. Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed at His Crucifixion. We believe that lights overcome darkness meaning the good would always triumph over the evil. Stars are also hung which symbolizes the bright star of Bethlehem.

Arranging the nativity set is also a tradition passed through our generations, many of the young children and even older people come together to help out. It is used to represent the birth of Jesus christ. The little ones also act out the story of Jesus’ Birth by dressing up characters from the story, it is a real fun to watch them!

Family Gatherings

On Christmas day, our family comes together to celebrate Jesus’ birth, it is usually held at a hall. We share many Indian food and eat together. Family is a huge factor about Christmas, our custom teaches our whole family to come together, this means all our relatives including friends, distant relatives and so on. Even if we don’t come together for Easter or other celebrations, it is compulsory and important to gather for christmas. When we all come together it symbolizes great unity and strength, it means we will never separate.


Dance and Music is a major part of Indian culture, we cannot celebrate a special occasion without it, whether it is; birthday, weddings or even Christmas! We believe that dance is a way of expressing feelings of happiness, anger, sadness and so on. Dance makes the whole place lively and exciting and it gets the whole crowd moving. Music also strengthens the area and adds an extra pump to the dance routines. Thinking back to Jesus’ Birth, the angels gathered along and sang and danced of happiness.

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