How I Learned to Cook

5 May 2017

How I Learned to Cook I want to tell how I began to learn cooking, and how I succeeded in this. When I was a child, approximately eight, I wanted to make a present for my mother. She was working hard and came back home late. So, I decided to cook for her a kind of food named ravioli with cottage cheese. It, like other kinds of food, has its rules of preparation. I didn’t care about them, and I did what I thought was correct. It’s a funny story.

Each time when I remember it I laugh. At the end, I had a bowl with a mixture of dough and cheese. But I didn’t stop to have interest for cooking. Later, my grandmother was the person who taught me to cook. She is a good cook. I watched her and asked questions. It was easier to cook after I saw in person how it’s done.

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I used the observation way for learning cooking. Then most of what I learned was Just by reading a cooking book and following recipes.

After a while, I became good in following the recipes. Every time, I discovered something new. Then I tried to alter the recipes to coincide with my own taste. There were a lot of trials and errors, but it was interesting. With time, my cooking skills were progressing, and at the present I know to cook quickly and tastily. Finally, I understood that experience of doing something is the best way to reinforce learning.

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