How I Learned To Love Football

5 May 2016

Sara Maratta and Felisa Rogers essay is the opposite of one another. Sara Maratta at the age of 14 developed a liking to sports, hockey was Marattas number one sport. Maratta knew hockey inside and out.

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How I Learned To Love Football
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Her favorite aspect of the sport was the fighting part. It drew her deeper into the sport. Maratta had a passion for the Blue Jackets team, and being her number one hobby whom she supported as a fan. Although women want to be heard in the sports world and want to participate in the games, it is still a man dominated sport. Men feel that the sports world is not for women.

Since she was a little girl, Felisa Rogers never liked sports. She participated in band camp and worked as a score keeper, her social status suffered. Roger’s family never encouraged her to play or to like sports, they believe sports are barbaric.

Felisa Rogers moved to another school district where sports weren’t so popular, and her social status didn’t suffer. Felisa fit right in with the kids at her new school. Felisa Rogers dislike of sports grew as the years went on. The only time she would watch football was at a social gathering that her husband had coordinated.

“Sara Maratta is studying journalism and political science at the University of Cincinnati and is interested in a career in journalism or politics”.(537) Maratta at the age of 14 years old sat home one weekend and was bored, she went into the family room expecting to watch a cooking show with her family, and was astonished that her father was watching a hockey game she was so fascinated about the first game she saw and became an instant fan of that sport.

Marattas’ title ”Make Room for the Crease means it’s the area near the net which the goalie must protect with his life”.(538) Maratta cheered when fights broke out with her favorite team and the opposing team, since then she has had a love for hockey/sports.

Felisa Rogers and her husband fell on hard times a few years into their marriage. Rogers finished all her accounts and then dryed up, while her husband got laid off due to the economy. Rich Rogers, Felisas’ husband decided to take to take charge to help support his family.

Rich worked three jobs and with minimal pay supported his family he was so stressed out and was worried that they would lose everything. Then things turned for the worse, the Roger’s family suffered a tragedy the death of Richs’ mother, and their car crapped the bed. Felisas’ husband was in despair, they had rough times ahead of them.

Whenever Rich would talk about football and Brett Favre Richs’ favorite player his face would light up and become happy even for the briefest of moments. Felisa saw this and never gave thought of richs’ emotional status before the hard times hit. Felisa saw the spark of happiness in Rich’s face she started to listen and support her husbands love for football. Felisa found her voice as a wife through sports specially football, reconnecting her relationship with her husband. Felisa found out she liked it.

Sara Maratta enters the world of hockey and by doing so discovers her strength as a woman and finds her voice. Maratta states this group did not and have not accepted me as a true enthusiast who has a real comprehension and love for what goes on in the crease. Why? Because I am a woman”.(538-539) Women are finally being recognized in the world of sports. It is still a male dominate sport and women are still looked as sex objects, that will soon change if women can fight to voice there opinions.

Men are aware that women can explain sports to a tee, and are able to play sports that was dominated by men. Also breaking the gender divide men see women as capable physically mentally strong not just mindless sex objects. Women see men men as intelligent strategist not dumb jocks. A good example of this is basketball in high school and college. Men dominated the sport until the late 90’s when women started playing ball in the UCONN women’s team.

The women’s team became undefeated, and number one in the women’s division. The emotional social mental aspects of sports. We focus on sports allowing women to be a head and to become strong individual, thus giving up the stereotypes. Sports are a mental intelligence needed not just physical, sports also can give hope your team wins. You win.

Sports is a micro-cosum of the real world, it’s not just physical, its mental social kind giving and building relationships. Sports can be fun and very competitive, it is also good for the frame of mind.

It’s not just physical, its mental social kind giving and building relationships there are rules to be followed. Sports can be fun and very competitive, it is also good for the frame of mind. Sports is a great recreational and an intense workout, sports can be very difficult if there is no understanding of how the sport is played, also certain sports require you to be in shape for that certain event.

Take the Olympics for example only a hand full of people are chosen to represent their countries. The governments only choose the best from their respective countries those olympians then have to train hard to be the best of that sporting event. Men and women both compete in certain events.

Sports can bring people together whether its in a home setting, or a bar or going to a stadium to see the sports live. Football usually the superbowl brings family and friends together they watch the game and get drunk, eat and bet on innings to see who will make the first touchdown. Some spectators go to see the game with no understanding of the sport, but go anyway for the chips, and drinks plus hopefully to make money on the teams that are playing.

In conclusion both essays are similar but opposite, in summerizations of both articles , your either inate or a learned activity. Sara Marattas’ love for hockey sports in general learned to love it at an early age. Whereas Felisa Rogers’ hated sports at an early age and into high school and into college and beyond. Felisa Rogers’ dated a football enthusiast for four years and that relationship never progressed, so she broke up with that person and met her current husband who was compatible with her in everyway except for his love for football.

It seems to me that she was drawn to people who had a love for sports, she just couldn’t get away and that’s the funny part. It took a life changing experience for Felisa to except and to like football because through those hardships football is what saved their marriage.

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