How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff Review

6 June 2017

Fifteen-year-old Daisy is sent off to live in England with her cousins she’s never met. She falls in love Just as WW3 breaks out. The story follows Daisy’s life during that summer. This book is directed towards young adults. I agree with this because some of the topics dealt with are quite mature e. g. Anorexia, incest, violence etc. However the story follows a young girl so I think that’s why it’s appropriate for young people. I think this book is more for girls as it is about a girl who falls in love and her problems that she has and I think girls would be able to relate to Daisy more.

The story takes place sometime in the future but still in the 21st century in England. It doesn’t really relate to my life because I don’t live in England or during war. It’s an unusual setting because there is a war going on but it’s a fictional war that hasn’t actually happened.

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Piper Penn (Daisy’s nine year old cousin) is my favourite character because she is kind, caring and innocent but mature for her age in how she is able to cope well with all of the terrible things that happen to her and grow because of it.

Daisy is my least avourite character because I thought she was quite self-centered. I didn’t like how she starved herself Just for the sake of attention. I also didn’t like that she fell in love with her cousin and thought it was okay for them to continue being together. Which it clearly is not because cousins can’t be together, their children would have deformities. Daisy does however grow up a lot over the course of her story. She finds love and experiences something completely different from anything she’s ever known. She learns new things about herself and the world around her.

Daisy evelops because of love for Edmond and love for Piper and the family. She also grows because of what she experiences during the war. She witnesses horrible things and has to take on the role of protector to Piper. In doing this she has to bottle up all her feelings and put on a brave face so that things don’t seem so bad for Piper. Daisy’s main relationship in the story is probably with Piper, her younger cousin. The book is about her falling in love with her fourteen year old cousin Edmond, but I think that her relationship with Piper changes her more.

She takes on the mother/sister ole to Piper and throughout the book the two are almost inseparable. Piper learns things from Daisy but Daisy learns things from Piper (e. g. eating), which are the main reason she is able to mature. Daisy also has a relationship with the rest of the cousins. They are able to get on very well and become friends really quickly. They are all comfortable around and love each other. Daisy also has a slightly unstable relationship with her dad since he remarried. She feels like she doesn’t get enough of his attention.

Most of the relationships Daisy has don’t relate to my life except amily, I have a little sister. The main themes in this book are war, terrorism and survival, relationships, in particular young love, independence, friendship, change and separation from your family and those you love. The themes of eating disorders and telepathy are also explored to a lesser degree. Family is mentioned over and over throughout the novel. At the start of the book Daisy does not have a very good idea of what family is. Her dad has barely any time for her, she hates her stepmom and the fact that she’s getting a stepsibling.

She is distant from her immediate family and asn’t even met anyone from her dead mother’s side. When she moves in with her like her. She grows to love them and they love her. She learns what it’s like to have family and people who care for you. Family has a huge effect on Daisy, they change her for the better, they make her more loving and she learns to eat more because of them. I think Daisy also had a positive influence on the family. By the end when Daisy goes back to her dad she is even more accepting of her step mom. Family is one of the main messages the story is trying to get across.

Without being a family and ighting so hard to stay alive to get back to each other the story would have been much different. I think Daisy would have Just given up. I think this makes Daisys story more relatable as most people with a good family life would do the same things as Daisy and try to stay alive for the people they love. The most obvious conflict in the story is the war. It is never clear why the war started or even who was fighting. The war is the thing that sets the story in motion and causes most of the problems that the children then need to overcome.

Daisy and her dad and stepmom have conflict ecause Daisy hates her stepmom but her dad does nothing to try make her feel more comfortable. Daisy feels like her dad is never on her side. Daisy also has an inner conflict throughout the book. She knows she should eat but she likes having the control over her stepmom. She also feels conflicted because she knows being with her cousin is wrong but she loves him. By the end of the book the war has finished. During the war they learn how to not let it disrupt their lives. Daisy is able to forgive her dad slightly and she is more accepting of her step mom and step sister.

Daisy is also able to overcome most of her inner conflict. I would recommend this book to teenagers who like romance. I am not a huge fan of romance myself so I didn’t enjoy this book as much as someone who loves romance would. It is an unusual love story unlike I have read before. I would give it two stars out of five. I did like the relationship between Piper and Daisy. I personally didn’t like the author’s style of writing, the lack of dialogue and run on sentences got on my nerves and I sometimes found the story moving quite slowly.

The characters and onflict made it more interesting. It was interesting to read about a fictional war that happened in the near future because it shows how it would affect us now days if a war were to happen. It made me think about abstract effects the war has like how if there is a war you can’t get petrol, which means farming becomes harder, which means that cattle die off because if they don’t get milked regularly enough they get diseases. I dont think I’ll read this book again. If you really like romance this could be a different spin on it that’s unlike things youVe read before.

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