How Inevitable was the American Revolution?

1 January 2018

The Revolutionary War became inevitable when King George Ill passed the Proclamation Line of 1763. After fighting in the French and Indian War, the colonists had won the land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. However, the Proclamation Line of 1 763 kept the colonists from settling the new land and, in turn, resulted in the colonists gradual separation from Britain during the 18th century. In addition, years of salutary neglect and self rule had left the colonists feeling very independent.Around 1750, however, colonists felt their freedom slipping between their fingers as imposed taxes and tighter restrictions were being forced upon them by Britain.

Thus, the American Revolution was quite inevitable due to the economic, social, and political sills_Jess that divided the colonists from Great Economic issues played a huge rule in pushing the America’s into a Britain. Revolution. The Stamp Act of 1765, for example, was a huge contributing factor. Thus act was the first tax levied directly in American colonists by the British government and imposed tax on all paper documents in pursuit of decreasing their large debt.The colonists insisted the act was unconstitutional and resorted to mob violence to intimidate stamp collectors into resigning. The Boston Tea Party also contributed to the economic issues that led to the revolution. This famed act of American colonial defiance was also committed due to protests against taxation.

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The Tea Party was the peak if a resistance movement through British America against the Tea Act that had been passed by British parliament. Colonists objected the Tea Act because they believed that it violated their rights as Englishmen to “no taxation without representation. These two acts played a key role in the growth if the American Revolution. Another factor that plagued the relationship between England and it’s colonies was social issues. Certain social gatherings, such as women assembling in public to participate in spinning bees and the making of homespun cloth as a replacement for shunned British textiles were prime examples of how American nationalism was concocted, and why this resulted in an American Revolution. The Stamp Act Congress was one of the first groups to unite colonists against the British Empire. This congress brought leaders from different and rival colonies together.

The Townsend Act caused even more of an uproar. Britain sent troops into Boston to make sure these acts were enforced. Britain troops became nervous and open fired on a crowd after a few townspeople became taunting and started throwing snowballs at redcoats. In order to keep the spirit of resistance high against Britain, Samuel Adams created the Committees of Correspondence, which enabled people from other colonies to exchange letters. These committees later evolved directly into the first American Congresses. Politics was greatly impacted by the culture of the British colonies.The political conceptions of the colonists was in great opposition to the political beliefs if the British, which is also what made the American Revolution inevitable.

The Intolerable Acts also contributed to the Revolution. These acts were meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists for their defiance in throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. The acts took away self government and historical rights, triggering outrage and resistance in the 1 3 colonies. Which is why it was a key development in the outbreak if the American Revolution. In addition, the taxes levied after the 7 Years War also caused an uproar in the colonies.Not because of the price, but because the Renville the British Parliament had passed for these taxes had no representation from the colony in it. This principle created the slogan “no taxation without representation.

” These political issues were a major force in the creation of the American Revolution. Although the economic taxing was tender to the fire, the concept of no taxation without representation is what sparked and ignited the Revolution. The American Revolution was instigated by the economic, social, and political issues between England and it’s colonies, and as a result, America gained freedom and independence.

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