How Johnny Depp got his acting from Charlie Chaplin

6 June 2016

Johnny Chapton Johnny Depp is one of this generation’s most talented actor. His character development is beyond compare. Johnny Depp has acted in a plethora of movies, but in Benny and Joon and some others, his physical movements are very similar to some very famous silent film actors. Johnny’s character, Sam, is an eccentric one: he’s awkward, silly, and has a very imaginative mind. Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton acted as fathers to Johnny’s acting, leading him to new ideas, more characters in his career, extreme physical movement, and more explosive entertainment. In Benny and Joon, Johnny Depp’s physical reactive, and emotional acting strongly represents Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

Firstly, I believe Charlie Chaplin influenced Johnny’s acting. During the first few scenes, Joon, Sam, and Benny eat at a bar, while waiting, Sam entertains himself by sticking forks into bread and makes them “dance.” This “dance can also be seen performed by the famous Mr. Chaplin in “Gold Rush.” Also in Benny and Joon, when Joon confesses her love for him, his facial expressions and his stance on the bed is a stunning image of Chaplin in one of his silent films. And how can we forget the swinging from the window washer station at the end of the movie? I also believe that was influenced by the whacky all-bearing Charlie Chaplin.

Secondly, Buster Keaton’s whacky character shines through Johnny Depp’s acting in the film Benny and Joon. The movie cover/ propaganda poster of Benny and Joon has a certain recognizable hat too. The standout scene for Johnny is when his character, Sam, drops his hat and cannot retrieve it because the hat seems to be running away from him. Also, when his hat and handkerchief is making him do flips all kinds of tricks, Keaton also shines through. Also, the first scene with Johnny in it, where he is making music with car parts and balancing and juggling them, this also reminds me of Buster and his amazing physicalities.

Finally, in my opinion, Johnny Depp was more influenced by Buster Keaton than Charlie Chaplin. The only standout scene that was most influenced by Chaplin occurred in the diner when “Sam” was playing with the forks and bread rolls. Buster Keaton’s physicality can often be seen throughout the movie, such as the very first scene “Sam” is introduced, the park scene, and the swinging from the hospital scene. Each of those scenes almost looked painful, but Johnny himself performed everything, including falling on his rear end during the park scene. All the flips and almost everything with the hats was influenced by Buster Keaton.

In conclusion, Johnny Depp is a standout actor with many creative and “different” roles. His performance of “Sam “ in Benny and Joon was extremely relatable and influenced by the famous silent film stars, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. They’re whacky and aw-worthy performances can be see, slightly changed by Johnny. Being practically fathers of Johnny Depp’s acting in Benny and Joon and other movies, they’ve created the wonderful, funny, and entertaining Johnny Chapton.

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