How Language Empowers People

7 July 2016

Language is major transmission medium and information storage in people’s social life. The most important function of a language is the communication function, i. e. function of information transfer or thoughts exchange. The ways of expression of information can be various: written, oral and even non-verbal as mimicry, gestures, and etc. The main part of information circulating in society exists in the language form. That’s why the lack of knowledge or disability to use it correctly has a huge negative influence on a person’s entire life.

First of all, it influences on education. Reading and speaking are the most important parts of a learning process. No one can be considered as a well-educated person without being literate. Moreover, the American educational system is extremely concerned on grades and high GPA. So, the future of a person depends on how hard he/she has worked during the school and college years to provide the straight path to the University. Another aspect is that the lack of education leads to low-wage job. By speaking the person not only gives information but also can influence other people.

How Language Empowers People Essay Example

The Russian poet Vadim Shefner wrote: “It is possible to kill with the word; it is possible to rescue with the word; it is possible to move troops with the word. ” Without this ability the person loses the advantage to achieve his personal goals and get a better job. It is evident that in nowadays every company seeks self-confidence and leadership in a new employee, especially for top positions, which are impossible to get without having excellent communications skills. Only the knowledge of all shades and nuances of language allows directing people, regulating duties and resolving the conflicts with the best results.

Therefore, the effective key to brilliant career is the same: ability to use language appropriately. After detailed studying a dictionary, the new knowledge helped Malcolm X to become the most powerful African American leader and wrote, “…I never had been so truly free in my life” (43). Language problems also harm mental (emotional) personality of an individual. First, as clearly shows D. Raymond in his essay, the person feels and believes he is dumb. His self-confidence is equal to zero. Secondly, the inability to communicate well leads to loneliness. “Anyway, it was awful, because more than anything I wanted friends” (52).

People, especially kids, are very aggressive when they can’t understand anything. Not being liked scares them, and they try to fight by teasing others. Thirdly, the inability to change the situation gives the only one “right” decision in their minds – to commit suicide, as “I wish I were dead! ” or leads to a deep depression (51). And finally, the language shortage affects on social life of a person. Being an emigrant and having English as a third language, I had hard time to find the right words to explain what I needed or what I felt. Society not always stays loyal to those people who are expressing thoughts with great efforts.

Sometimes they judge people as retarded only on a basis of their ability to speak. Also the problems with language created difficulties in a process of assimilation because emigrants keep close with each other and refuse to accept the traditions and culture of another country. Moreover, needless to say that in mature age these problems will have negative impact on a person’s relationship with the opposite sex making difficulties in creating his own family. Nothing could be worse that looking like a looser during the date with a man/woman of your dream being unable to make a simple order from the menu in a restaurant.

Language is the most powerful weapon. All people on our planet are able to speak. They speak different languages, but in any language the main task is to help to understand each other in the process of communication. It is impossible to develop the society, science, technique, and art without language. And let us always feel like the little blind girl who after the very first day of being acquainted with a language noted, “It would have been difficult to find a happier child than I was…” when we are discovering the unlimited powerful world of Language! (Keller 48).

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