How Law and Ethics Intertwine

7 July 2016

Law you can look into law and by different people the definition is voiced differently put law into a form it is rules made up were accidents and catastrophes of all kids are happening is where the rules come from that which everyone must obeyed and followed by citizens, subject to sanctions or legal consequences; the body of rules of actions or conduct prescribed by the controlling government and having binding legal force. Ethics the set of moral principles of values the conduct of an individual or a group.

Ethics as for as everyday value in someone their life styles their careers the way you were raised. You conduct yourself in public with good moral ethics. And here are your ethics lows shall we call it. There are support to be your ethics for living and the rules of laws you obey then the ethics and law for business. The rule of law and the rule of ethics and the business ethics and laws sometimes demand the same response by a person or a group confronted with a problem or problems.

How Law and Ethics Intertwine Essay Example

Your business ethics re ones that intertwine with the law more so than any. Your business or some of the people let the power become grid and they use bad judgment about things and do things that are not ethical and break the law. Like with the pyramid schemes there were so many ethics rules and laws broken. Like the trust people put in the investor with their money and their family and friends that loses their lifesaving to them. When the investor and their parties are caught they are charged with ethics and laws that was broking.

And if found guilty there is the chance of prison time the money they have to pay back the loss of their family. With the business ethics every business organized in the United States and businesses that come in the United states and our business that go to others countries have to go by and follow their ethics and laws of their lands. In addition business persons owe to act ethically in all their conducts in their affairs along with their business affairs. They owe society a social responsibility not to harm our society are the environment.

Much of the law is based on ethical standards and not all of ethical standards are enacted as law. Example: Samara Brothers Inc. sued Wal-Mart for selling knock offs. Wal-Mart bought from a retailer the Samara lines of children’s clothes from a retailer to sell in their stores after getting the Samara line of clothes Wal-Mart took pictures of the children’s clothes they were selling and sent them to JPI (with the name “Samara’s children’s” readily discernible on the labels of the clothing.) and told JPI to produce children’s clothes to look just like the ones in the pictures from the designs, colors, and patterns, of Samara’s clothing.

Wal-Mart them sold this line of clothing for children in their stores, making a large amount of profit in one season of selling. Samara Brothers won their law suit and was reward a fair amount in damages. Though Wal-Mart appealed the court’s ruling to the United States Supreme Courts the highest courts in the United States. Wal-Mart was wrong for the fraud that they did to Samara’s in the business ethics and the ethics of law.

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