How Matters Stand About Chinese View of Marriage

12 December 2016

Usually the couple’s marriage was arranged by their parents in old society, and the couple did not have right to choose their lover. In old society, divorce was immoral. Divorce was injurious to morals, even would affect their future. The couples were forced these pressures from public opinion and family that they could not divorce. Therefore, many couples were forced to keep their unhappy marriage all their live. As the progress of the society, present people have changed their ideas about marriage. They will not be forced from public opinion. They have right to choose their own love.

Present Chinese are no longer bound by the old concept. They can follow their own will to find their own happiness. When their marriages are unhappy, they do not think about the pressure from public opinion to divorce. Naturally, the divorced rate in the present is higher than past. Present society give people a lot of freedoms, and give people more choices. Increasing of divorced rate is become normal. On the one hand, it reflects the progress of social civilization; conversely, what are present people seek the love and how do the people view about marriage?

How Matters Stand About Chinese View of Marriage Essay Example

Through two aspects by women and men, maybe people can understand present’s Chinese view of marriage. Many women seek their lover and measure the men is good or not, they are just through the men’s wealth and position. Therefore, the women go into wealth life but poor life of the mind. A man’s wealth and position can improve this man’s ability. However they cannot represent completely all of the man. Women compare looking for boyfriends to buy stock share. They hope their boyfriends are potential stocks and hope their boyfriends become good performance stocks in the future.

However, looking for this kind man, it exists huge risk. There is an old Chinese saying goes, a woman are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Even if the woman wipes her eye for looking for her boyfriend, they are still disappointed frequently. The results make them want to look for new lover. The men look for girlfriend as buying stock share. Most men recognize first they look for girlfriend because of the woman’s good looking. It is good thing for women have a good looking. However, everyone will be old, and nobody can keep their good looking all of their life.

Good looking looks like a stock share that will become devaluated. In fact, a man lives with a good looks woman for whole life. Finally, the man will feel tiresome to face the woman who was even good looks someday. Someone has more high expectations for his or her loves; he or she will disappoint more about his or her marriage. Before the couples marry, everyone wants to show his or her partner the best side, and they have a high forgiveness and tolerance to their partner. However, after they marry, they lose a lot forgiveness and tolerance to each other.

Then, they will have more disputes and complained. Finally, they will face separation and divorce. There are very famous writer ever said in China,” marriage is like a siege, the people outside of the city want to go in, in the same time, the men inside the city want to get out. ” This sentence is best life’s portrayal for present couples. However, people should believe the everlasting love. The society is progressing; the human being is developing, in such great time, men should choose their partner resonantly. Everyone should ask for himself or herself: do you love your lover?

What do you like your lover? Can you live with your lover for whole life? In the present society, most people believe true love still exist in the life. Actually, true love is in everyone’s heart. If you pay your love sincerely, and pursue your love constantly, your true love will be found in the end by you. If you love your lover truly, and you will try to pay for your happy life, everlasting love will be in your side. Believing yourself, where has love, happiness is in there. In the other words, when you have a positive View of Marriage, you will have a happy marriage. . A) what is the Sapir-Whorf Theory? Useful, important or not? The Sapir-Whorf theory “The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is a theory put forward by the American anthropological linguists Sapir and Whorf (and also a belief held by some scholars). It states that the way people view the world is determined wholly or partly by the structure of their native language. (2) The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis consists of two parts. i. e. linguistic determinism and relativism. Whorf proposed first that all higher levels of thinking are dependent on language. Or put it more bluntly.

Languages determine thought, i. e. the notion of linguistic determinism. Because languages differ in many ways, Whorf also believed that speakers of different language perceive and experience the world differently, i. e. relative to their linguistic background, hence the notion of linguistic relativism. ” I think it is useful. When people learn second language, people can understand very clearly that if you want to learn very well, you should learn grammar, memory the words and the sentences, and you should learn the background of the culture too.

Therefore, through The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, it teaches people how to learn a new language very well that people are not only memorize the words and the sentences, but also people should learn the culture of the language. B) what is a culture universal? Cultural universals are anything that is part of every culture, but varies from culture to culture. For example, marriage, most of the people will marry, but different country or different area has different culture of marriage. C) What were they actually thinking about naming the seven dwarfs?

In this story, the seven dwarfs’ names are Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, and Grumpy. Their names represent their each characteristic. Happy represent he is hopeful and he likes laughing. Doc seems he knows everything, so he is their leader. Therefore, through their name, people can easily know everyone characteristic. D) Why do most people obey most of their culture’s norms most of the time? Because the family and society direct influence, most people usually obey most of their cultures norms. A culture’s norms represent a nation civilization culture.

Cultural norms can alter the expression of aggressive behavior. So, people obey their culture’s norms most of the time that are good for the people having a positive view of life. It is positive for people’s lives. However, if we judge other people whose ways of showing emotions are different according to our own cultural norms, we may make the mistake of “reading” the other person incorrectly. 3. Nature vs. Nurture in here Some people think the intelligence is from nature, some people think the intelligence is from nurture. In China there are words that are “human nature is kind at the beginning of human being’s lives. I think the environment and experience where people live are most important than other factors. Only through eating education between China and American, people can find the difference between Chinese children and American children. Chinese attach importance to eat. The old saying in China is “people regard food as their prime want; food is the necessity of human. ” Chinese parents love their children, especially on meal. First, they just want their children eat more, and the kids eat more their parents will be more glad, but the parents don’t care about whether or not their children like it, and the children have been full.

The parents coax their children to eat more. Moreover, when children don’t want eat and go to play, their grandparents try to reach behind the children for feeding them. American parents concerned with their children eating too, but they are not as good as Chinese parents. I have never seen American parents always feed their children. They let their children eating by themselves, and do not care about their clothes are going to be dirty. American parents do not force their children for eating. They know vegetables are good for their children’s healthy.

They ask for their kids to eating, but if their kids insist not to eat, they will not force them again. They do not very care about whether or not their kids are full. I have never seen American family that when their children are full, the parents coax their children eating more. The kids just put the silver then left the dining table. American parents’ attitudes and way of their kids eating reflect a core objective of children education in the United States. That is, the parents train their children ability of independent thinking. The kids can decide which food they like and do not like, or make sure they are hungry or full.

Because the kid is fond of play, he or she misses time for eating. He or she will bear the consequences by themselves that he or she will be hungry. That is themselves choice. When the kids really fell unwell with hungry, they will do not repeat doing that. American likes to say that making mistakes is an essential process when the kids grow up. The basis of this concept is that American parents think that they are equal between the parents and their children. They respect their kids’ thinking, Even though the thinking is insignificant.

American parents think that their children’s lives belong to themselves, and they can control their live by themselves. No matter now or the future. Therefore, American parents train their children capacity for independent living from early age. Therefore, the children do not want eating vegetable; they can do not eat it. When children say they are full, they can do not eat anymore. About American parents do these ways for their children, Chinese parents think American parent do not care about their children’s state of be hungry or full and state of nutrition, even fell the parents mistreat their children.

From another standpoint, Chinese parents think the kids are so young. They lack experience of their live. The children do not have ability to make a correct choose. Therefore, Chinese parent think they must represent their children to make a correct choose. It is not correct that children do not like eating vegetable. The parents must force their children eat it. When the children have just eaten a little bit, and then say they are full, the parent must force their kids eat more until the parents fell their kids have been full. Chinese parents always think the children know things a little.

The parents cannot allow their children do anything that the parent think are wrong. Chinese parent think if they agree their children who do not want for eat or do not like this kind food, they will be a poor diet even die. American and Chinese kids grow up in two different living environments, so they made they have a very different character. When they were kids, American children knew what they need, what they want, whether or not be full. When Chinese kids were young, they know that adult know more than them. Therefore they should obey their parents.

American kids believe in speaking their mind. When they are full, they say they are full. If they do not like vegetable, they do not eat it. They are confidence by themselves, and they know their parents trust them enough. Chinese kids know it is wrong to cheat their parent. Sometimes even though they said are true, they are still not easy be trust by their parents. So they only can do with their parents requested. In the result, when the two countries kids are grow up. American kids prefer saying, I know, I will. Chinese kids prefer saying: I obey. I am my parents’ darling kids.

American kids eat are not good than Chinese kids. American kids like to live by themselves. They have more ideas that belong to themselves than Chinese kids. Finally, they can invent a lot of new things. Chinese only can do that their boss demand. All in all, I think environment shape personality. There is no person who bore clever absolutely. The person’s environment and experience decide his or her level of intelligence. 4. The film The Gods Must Be Crazy. How and why do they relate to the course? Be complete. It is a movie with not only entertaining but also education.

The movie comes into our eyes with a Bushmen and a narrator tells us what kind of people they are: friendly and without any knowledge about the world not far from their Kalahari desert. When they see a plane they think it is a strange bird or even a god. One day a pilot throws a glass bottle out of his airplane and the thing is found by the Bushmen. They have never seen anything that smooth and hard as this object and they find it very useful. They think it is a gift from the gods. The problem is that the gods have given only one objected and for the first time they have to share something that is very hard to share.

For the first time they feel emotions such as anger and jealousy. It is decided that the thing is an Evil Thing and must be thrown off the earth and Xixo one to do that. In the meanwhile we have met Andrew in the bushes playing cards. We don’t know how all these stories come together but that is not a bad thing. It only to show us the differences between people, In the heart the most gentle place is undergone thoroughly Soviet sincere and nicely is being moved. We have the most beautiful chaste mind originally, was we lost it. We have chosen our comfortable life, as far as possible seizes us to need, therefore gave up pure and happy.

We chose have siege oneself in the lock with the wall in, was defending our property, the thin number, has while convenient locked our heart. Therefore we gave up free and the natural air. We chose the style of speaking to be graceful, have an easy-going manner. But simultaneously we gave oneself have taken to bring with the serious social shackles. These days high ground are extravagant, enjoyed sunlight and the sentimental day recklessly is discarded crazily by us. In the primitive clan and tribe the human is simple, is good, between human and human harmony happiness, this is one kind of near ideal paradise countryside madrigal -like life.

Because but we also watch in the movie triumphant to be unable with the outside person to communicate, has brought many “the trouble”. Inside this has a question to have to ponder similarly, how “they” should both maintain own fine tradition in the modern society, and can integrate to in the world which changes with each new day? At the same time, undeniable, the civilized step needs to continue to make great strides forward; On the other hand, the modern civilization cannot become buries human own sharp weapon, therefore while humanity more and more civilize, must maintain humanity’s natural disposition.

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