How McDonald’s Markets Its Products In England

4 April 2015
Original research project in which raw data is collected about McDonald’s in England off of the internet. Secondary phase of research consisted of telephone interviews with various respondents.

How McDonald’s Markets Its Products in England

McDonald’s is an international restaurant business, with franchises and owner-operated stores throughout the world. There are over 15,000 locations in 79 countries and a new McDonald’s restaurant opens every 13 hours. 85% of the restaurants are independently owned and operated, with company-run stores making up the other 15%. Stock increased by 16% in 1994, and 25% of all McDonald’s stock is owned by employees, licensees, and suppliers (McDonald’s, 1997).
Determining relative data on the marketing of McDonald’s products throughout England became a somewhat challenging and daunting task, inasmuch as there is a large amount of material available both in printed form and on the Worldwide Web. Not …

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