How media effect our life

6 June 2017

How media effect our life BY equivalents In today’s society, media comes into our lives in many different forms and throughout the years, these forms have affected our society positively. There are basically three types of media, print media, electronic media and new age media. Print media Includes newspapers, books, and pamphlets, electronic media Includes television and radio, and the new age media includes phones and internet. These types of media interact with people everyday and in our lives, and are the main source that affect us and change our society. Newspaper is a traditional kind of media which has been used for a few centuries.

Newspaper Is a periodical publication which Includes news regarding current events, various articles, societal discussion and some advertisement. Radio is also a popular way for people to know news or other Information. Radio and newspaper are two similar kind of media, however, one is printed while the other is broadcasted. With newspaper and radio developing. Our daily has changed a lot. Newspaper or radio can influence us on what we think about some facts, news or organization. It can play very vital role in building the way that people think and convincing what people should do.

Newspaper is main resource of daily information offer people up-to-date news. Newspaper have positive effect as well as negative effect. It’s a mirror of truth which people is willing to believe. It’s a media for both educated and uneducated people. Some people can also find their job though newspapers. Advertisement is also a outstanding use of newspaper. Some organizations and companies will put their advertisements on newspapers to sell or to show their products. However, there are also negative effects of newspaper. In some newspaper, blast might be exist. For example, In World War II newspaper played a significant role.

During WI As the most worldwide kind of mass media, TV plays an important role In modern society. To some extent, TV is the combination of newspaper and radio, because TV Includes sounds, images and sentences. It Is a new stage of media which can show audience daily news much more directly and vivid. People prefer to watch TV rather than read a newspaper because colorful and brilliant TV program Is more Interesting than a newspaper. Therefore TV has become a popular media for people getting sews and having some fun. Television Is the most functional media during these years. People use it to spread information, and updated news.

In the early years, there were early a few news channel since It created. But the channel become diversity than it used to be recently. Despite of news, advertisement is another newly media to recommend the product. -it’s much more faintly than the customer walk Into the mall and choose their favorite product. In Dalton, television can offer different age-stage of various people and satisfied their requirement. The TV company may arrange different special channel. Such like sports channels. Most of the live sports game are showed and the latest sport news as well. Businessmen may use the Economic channel to receive the business news.

Internet is the most widely use media of the world. Various usage of internet are being used by people all over the world, For most people. To spend some time on 1 OFF interest in. There are all kind of message on the internet. Whatever you want to look for you can find it. Even if some specific information, you can find it in a very short time by search on the internet. In the old day, we have to look though a article word y word to find something that we are looking for. With internet we can Just type what we are looking for and answer will come out automatically in one second.

Our life have become different since the internet has been invented. Nowadays people will see the news and look for any information on the internet instead of newspaper and television. We can see many comments for events on the internet which cannot be seen in other two media. This is good because people can talk about their opinion about some events after they read them instead of Just read the news. Internet is extremely necessary in our society. Internet is like a rope that connects the world. It makes communication become easier around the world.

We can communicate instantly though the internet by email or some chatting applications instead of sending a letter and waste a few days. Internet is a media that can carry message really fast. For example, if somewhere in the world is having a natural disaster, once this news get onto the internet ,people from all over the world will know immediately. Media have changed our life and society a lot no matter what form it is. Media do help human beings a lot. As the most ancient way of spreading information, swapper and radio spread the news immediately and let people know the world deeply.

However, people always accept the news as the truth, and accept the bias unconsciously. TV is the revolution of mass media, and replaces the old way little by little. As the most popular way to receive the information, the Internet provides a more convenience way to know the world instead of traveling the world. However, people depend on the mass media too much, and regard everything they knew from the mass media as the truth. If mass media are controlled for a personal goal, how people can distinguish the truth and the lies?

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