How Music effects your Behavior

3 March 2018

Finding the answer o the simple question of how rap music affects the behavior of someone could be as powerful as mind control. If someone can change the emotions of someone else then that person can change what they do and how they do it. Background Information Rap music is different from other types of music. First off it is the only type of music that openly supports drug use and the sexing of women and many more things that are illegal or highly looked down on. There may be some songs in different types of music that support these things but as a genre rap is the only one.Another thing is that rap has different types of rap in rap.

There is gangs rap, thug rap, crank, alternative rap, and political rap. Each is different from each other. Rap supports and states so many different things in so many different forms, the only similarity is that it has a view guidelines that point it into a general direction or view. “Rap encompasses a variety of philosophies and styles. ” (oho). This quote shows how all rap can be different and it also supports my previous statement. The only two that are closely related are thug and gangs rap.

The two are practically the same.In fact, the only main difference is one is called gangs rap and one is called hug rap. Gangs and thug rap have an interesting history. As rap had developed on the poor, crime-ridden streets of the Inner City, it only made sense that its creators would reference this reality in their lyrics. Emerging out of hardcore rap in the 1 adds, gangs rap reflected the crime and violence in the inner city. It became the most successful form of hip hop in the late 1 sass and early sass. Seminal gangs rap releases include N.

W. A. ‘s “Straight Auto Compton” and Ice It’s “G: Original Gangster. An East Coast/West Coast rivalry broke out in the sass, leading to the deaths of the influential Tuba Shaker and The Notorious B. I. G. , sparking even further interest in the genre.

Political rap is just as interesting. The release Of the first sociopolitical rap song, “The Message,” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five in 1982 inspired other rap artists to address social issues. Public Enemy, led by Chuck D and Flat Flat, became the first overtly political rap group, spouting political and strong Black Nationalist statements in albums like the popular and critically acclaimed “It Takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back. Other political rappers like KIRKS-One and Arrested Development followed. The non- informing nature of these artists was eventually eclipsed by the rise of gangs rap. Crank is the oldest form of rap. The earliest rap was party music for people to dance to.

After decades of progression in lyrics and beats, crank stripped rap of pretense and brought the party back. An amalgamation of “crazy” and “drunk,” crank developed in the southern United States in the sass under the wider Dirty South umbrella.Crank is characterized by heavy looped drum machine, shouted call-and-response vocals and simple party lyrics. Ill Jon and the Stateside Boozy popularized crank in the early sass with releases like “Put You Hood Up. The last form of rap is alternative rap. The non-constrictive nature of rap has led some artists to break free of the confines of what has been considered in vogue. Spearheaded by groups like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Jurassic Five, alternative rap artists introduced innovative wordplay and lyrics, as well unusual samples of other genres like rock, into their music.

Artists like Outcast and Kenya West have blurred musical genres and taken the innovation of alternative rap to a mainstream audience. As already said rap music is a constant change of things. At one moment a new type of rap can submerge into the genre and aka over the top charts. What doesn’t change is how the rap music affects the people who listen to it. There was a test done in 2003 that randomly assigned youths listened and watch music videos, one violent and one non- violent. After watching the video, the viewers were recorded on a scale from one to ten.The results show a that the viewers of the violent music video was more aggressive then the non-violent ones.

“The results showed that exposure to media violence had a statistically significant association with aggression and violence among youth” (Does Rap or Rock Music Provoke Violent Behavior? ). And “This research clearly demonstrates that exposure to media violence heightens the chances that a youth will behave aggressively and have aggressive thoughts in the short run. ” (Does Rap or Rock Music Provoke Violent Behavior? . Both clearly back up my statement that rap music has negative effects on its listeners. Area of inquiry The purpose of this paper is to answer the question: Does rap music affect the behavior of human beings? This question falls under psychology because it involves the behavior of someone and their brain activity. The reason this is so important is because it is spectacular to know and it is a possible link to mind control to an extent. Another reason this is important is because music is everywhere.

This is an important issue because of how much time people spend listening to music. ” (Does Rap or Rock Music provoke Violent Behavior? ). This is a good example how music is every”/here and the mass effect it could have people. For example when that sad angel song comes on for the rescue animal organization everyone cries and gets sad. Objective The objective, besides to answering the obvious question, is to give people a wider knowledge of what they are listening to and for any adults what to have your kids listening to. This research also has an objective of mind control.

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