How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife Analysis? Essay Sample

9 September 2017

A. Writer:

* Born: June 17. 1911 in Nagrebcan. Buang. La Union
* was an Ilocano author in English. nationalist. and sufferer
* is the fourth boy of Crisanto Arguilla a husbandman and Margarita Estabillo a thrower * finished his simple school in his hometown and high school in San Fernando * he is besides an jock where he became title-holder in swimming events he joined * entered the University of the Philippines where he joined the authors club and subsequently became the president and editor of the UP Literary Apprentce * finished Education in 1933

How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife Analysis? Essay Sample Essay Example

* he married Lydia Villanueva. a fellow creative person and author and lived in Ermita. Manila * He was captured by the Japanese in 1944 and was imprisoned in Fort Santiago together with his household. His household was subsequently freed but Manuel was sentenced to decease. * He was executed on October 1944 at age of 33.

B. Time and Milieu: during 1940

C. Definition of Footings:
Short Narrative: is a work of fiction that is normally written in prose. frequently in narrative format.

D. Vocabulary:

* Ca – & gt ; title given in regard to person who is older * Carretela – & gt ; horse-drawn vehicle / passenger car
* Camino Real – & gt ; the chief route
* Lacay – & gt ; an Ilocano rubric of regard to an aged adult male * Cud – & gt ;
a wad of something cuttable as baccy
* Daintily – & gt ; in a delicate mode
* Glistened – & gt ; a twinkle. bright radiance
* Hitch – & gt ; to fix or catch temporarily with or as if with a cringle or hook


A. Setting: Nagrebcan – a rural topographic point

B. Fictional characters:
* MARIA – the beautiful and arresting married woman of Leon from Manila * BALDO – he is the younger brother of Leon
* the 1 who fetched Maria and Leon from the route to Nagrebcan * LEON – sometimes called as Noel because of his expressions
* he is the older brother of Baldo who studied in Manila
* the loveable hubby of Maria
* LABANG – the Bull whom Baldo consider as his pet


The narrative starts with Baldo meeting Leon and Maria and how he took them on a drive place through the Fieldss near their place on a cart pulled by their household bull. The narrative describes the odor. expression and feel of the Fieldss and the environing countries and speaks good of Maria. depicting her as gentle and full of laughter. It becomes evident that Leon is taking Maria to run into his household for the first clip. and she is nervous about run intoing them. his male parent particularly.

As the narrative continues Baldo. Leon ( who is called Noel in the narrative as this is Maria’s moniker for him. Baldo presumes that this is because Noel is Leon backwards ) and Maria all arrive at the household place. The narrative ends with the three of them come ining the father’s room upstairs and they begin speaking to him.

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