How Revolutionary was the American Revolution?

1 January 2018

The American Revolution was quite revolutionary, due to the fact that a lot changed in America during the 1 8th century. Colonist wanted to protect their rights and since they were denied them by their ex-owners the revolution began. The American Revolution greatly transformed America. America singed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This was the start of the Revolution because America stopped all the unnecessary taxes that they were liable to pay due to the French and Indian war.

America was able to succeed without he help of some great method of transportation such as railways and without the help Of a superior nation who would help the colonist fight against Britain years to come after the revolution. During the sass’s America was economically underdeveloped and was a cluster of scattered colonies on the Atlantic coast. Within 10 years America had grown from the east coast to practically the west coast with the population growing close to 10 million.During the American Revolution the ways of the people changed to. The government went from be a monarchical state run mainly by the British parliament to a democratic state in which people were taxed by consent unlike the ways under British rule. The revolution also changed people, their culture, art and even architecture was affected by this change. Unlike most revolutions that are run by the poor the American Revolution was mainly encouraged and carried out by the higher class seeking rights and liberty which they had the right to.

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During the American Revolution numerous leslies that were implemented on the colonist also changed. The sugar act of 1764 was used by the British in an attempt to get money of molasses and to discourage colonist to buy from the French West Indies. As a result of this many merchants in America suffered. During the revolution this act was lifted. Another act was the stamp act of 1765. This act was the first act in which the colonist felt that they were being directly taxed without their consent. The stamp act congress was created and later this act was repealed.

The American Revolution changed the American economy, culture, government and the way people lived. The American Revolution during the 18th century bought great change to America. It was the greatest revolution that America had experienced due to the fact that the revolution changed the economy, government, boarders and socially changed as well. The revolution was accomplished without the help of a superior army and without a faster method of transportation. The American revolution was quite revolution since it brought a great amount Of change to the nation.

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