How serious a threat to Soviet Power were the Hungarian

1 January 2018

When Khrushchev came to power in 1953 after Stalin’s death in 1950 he began a policy of Desalination in Eastern Europe and even denounced Stalin in a secret speech in 1954. This all made communism seem weaker and people began to revolt against the User’s influence in Hungary believing that with Stalin gone it would be easier to achieve independence. The Hungarian Uprising of 1 956 posed the greatest threat to Soviet power because protests in Budapest showed an increased dislike for Soviet control and Khrushchev let Hungary’ was drifting away from the User’s control.

The Uprising in Hungary lead to the election of Mire Nagy who intended to withdraw Hungary from the Warsaw pact and began introducing a range of political reforms such as free speech and free elections including non-communist parties. This was a huge threat to Soviet Power because Khrushchev knew that if one of the Soviet satellites left the Warsaw Pact it would acts as a catalyst for other Eastern European countries to revolt against Communism and the SovietUnion would weaken. The Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia in 1968 was less serious a threat than Hungary was in 1 956 because revolts against Soviet control were not uncommon by 1968 whilst in 1956 the uprising in Hungary had been a shock to Moscow. Dubbed as First Secretary of the Czech communist party abolished censorship which led to a flow of anti-Soviet propaganda causing a national urge to abolish Soviet power in Czechoslovakia.The Warsaw pact acted to terminate Prague Spring in August however the damage had already been done and Soviet power had been further weakened through the increased negative attitude towards socialism and the Soviet Union in Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European countries.

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