How Soon Hath Time

1 January 2018

The days afterwards are there forever 4. You are not growing anymore 5. The truth is not what was expected 6. Manhood comes sooner than you may think 7. Your inside growing is slowing down 8. The spirits are happy 9.

Even though its slowing down and soon 10. It will still be important 11. No matter how mean it is 12. Time will tell 13. Use your grace 14. God will too Figurative Language: Hasting- Urgency to fast movementInward- Directed toward the Inside Semblance- The outward appearance Theme: This sonnet is describing the timeline that youth go through, or more likely the feelings one gets as they do grow. Reflection: This poem can directly relate to me because I am in the exact position and audience this poem Is explaining.

I am transitioning out of my youth and Into adulthood, and the things the author says directly touch me. I am seeing how fast time flies and how I need to cherish every moment.

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