How the French Wars Affected Anglo-American Relations and Trade

4 April 2015
This paper is a study of Anglo-American relations following the War of Independence, and France’s role in keeping the two countries at odds.

This essay examines how Anglo-American relations improved following the War of Independance, only to deteriorate again during the Napoleonic Wars. It contrasts British attempts to gain complete control of the sea to combat Napoleon, with U.S. attempts to break this control in order to increase her own foreign trade.
Following the end of the War of Independence, relations between Britain and the United States slowly improved. Many felt that because of the shared language, religion and culture the two countries should work together, especially economically. This was especially true in Britain, where the ideas of Adam Smith were beginning to take hold, and free trade with America became an attractive idea. In the United States, Republicans still disliked the British, but the Federalists did not want to continue any rivalries and shared the British views on trade between the nations.
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