How the Legalization of Drugs will Reduce Crime

4 April 2015
Argues that the government would save money and prevent crimes if drugs were legalized.

This paper examines a number of crime cases and how they could have been avoided if drugs were legalized. The author compares the legalization of drugs with prohibition and the anti-phosphate laws. The paper details the harm that illegalizing drugs cause our society as well as the advantages of the medicinal uses of marijuana.
“Many people know that most crime in America is directly related to drugs. What most people fail to understand is that there would be no need for most of these crimes if drugs were legal. Why do people have to steal to support their drug habit? Because drugs are expensive. The average cocaine dealer has to spend around ten thousand dollars a week to support his habit. But the pharmaceutical cost of drugs is only about 2% of its street value.[i]”
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