How the Principals of Art will Create a Better Website

4 April 2015
An in-depth paper which studies how the creation of a good website should be based on the principals of art.

The author of the paper shows that graphic communication has always been important through history as an art, and therefore website designing today should be based on the same principals of art as a painting or a sculpture. The author argues that the best website will be founded on the principles of art and even recognized as art itself.
Table of Content
The Principles of Art and Design
The Technological Factor
The People
Combination Complete
“Contrast must not stand alone, however. Pattern is also very important in graphic design, and goes hand in hand with balance and rhythm. For example, elements should be patterned to some degree geometrically. For example, if one were to take a ruler and drawn a straight vertical line from one of the corners of a left quadrant graphic, any graphics or text below it should be placed with some reference to this imaginary line. The squaring, or even circling of elements is important to direct the eye, and provide coherency. In addition, pattern may be used to group similar elements spacially. It should dictate the way in which typefaces are applied as well, so that there is a repetition of usage. (e.g. sans serif typeface is always a header, Roman typeface is always used in the text, thus establishing expectations and an ability to interpret the data one is receiving based on this pattern)”

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