How to Be a Good Friend

11 November 2016

Being a good friend is usually intuitive, but sometimes we need a reminder about how to go above and beyond when it comes to friendships. Here are five ways to be the type of friend you’d want in your own life. A good friend is busy but still manages to make time for their pal. Good friends know that friendships are one of the perks in life designed to improve your world. They do not look at friendships as a waste of time, or something to pay attention to only when they need a favor.

To that end, they make time even they are busy by proactively keeping in touch through email, Facebook, and phone calls. Is there anything worse than continually having to remind a friend to be happy for you? Or support you in your decisions? A great friend rallies behind you without prompting when you need a few words of encouragement, and stands by you when you make a life-changing decision. While friends might not always agree with the things you are doing, they support you all the same.

This means that when you need a shoulder to cry on or somebody to celebrate with, they are right by your side. Let’s face it, sometimes life gets so intense we need a reminder to just sit back and relax. That’s where friends come in. Having a great time might mean something slightly different to all of us, of course, but your best pals know exactly how to make you kick back and enjoy yourself with some When you ask your friend for an opinion, they will give it honestly but gently. When it seems like no one in your life will tell you the truth, your friend will have your back.

Your pal might not always tell you what you want to hear, but they will be honest with you, and that is valuable in today’s world. More than that, their honestly will always be meant to help you rather than cut you down. Your friend doesn’t gossip behind your back or play dirty pool when it comes to arguing. When they disagree with you, it’s done in a respectful way that is meant for you both to come to an understanding, not to change your mind or to “win. ” Your level of trust is high with a good friend because they respect you too much to ruin your relationship.

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