How To Be A Human Being by Glass Animals

9 September 2019

The album “how to be a human being” is the indie band, Glass Animals second album. The album contains eleven songs. The most fascinating part of this album is that each song is about one of the characters pictured on the album cover. For example the song “Season 2 episode 3” is about the the girl with blonde hair and a blue sweatshirt. Other than the creativity with the album cover, each song is very distinct in its own way. All of the songs are completely different, but upbeat for the most part.The use of drums and electronic sounds gives the music a cool vibe that makes you feel so good when listening to it. Not only does the music sound great, it also has some pretty interesting lyrics. The song “Pork Soda” has the main chorus with the lyrics ‘pineapples are in my head’. Lead singer of the band Dave Bayley said that he overheard a homeless man say that one day and it just stuck with him.

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Also, in that sound he used buckets and things to sound like street drumming. It’s the creativity like that which made this album so unique and unlike anything I’ve heard in awhile. Each song is a story that is so interesting to hear, you’ll have the whole album on repeat for days.

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