How to Become a Successful Cosmetologist

Many Americans and others across the globe pay large amounts of money each year to ensure that they look their best. Whether it is cosmetic surgery or being on a diet, people will do whatever it takes to look good. That said, cosmetologist play a huge role in this process. Everyday someone visits a salon to get their hair styled. With reality television on storm and America’s Next Top Model, being one of the top syndicated shows broadcasted, everyone wants to look like a model.

As I stated before the world of beauty is a mainstream and growing industry. Everyone wants to look good and spends thousands of dollars each year to do so. Cosmetology is an extremely prosperous industry, despite the affects of the economy people will continue to spend money to get their hair done. As a stylist I have always found, styling hair to be therapeutic, to see a blank canvas turn into something beautiful is a wonderful feeling. Cosmetology is my family’s business, my ancestors has been styling hair for centuries. So being a cosmetologist was the most nature thing for me to do.

I have been styling hair since I was a young girl. My sister became a cosmetologist, and thought me what she learned. However, I continued my education, attended hair shows, and picked up tips where ever I could. Education is the key, because the trends change every day. What was popular last week may not be popular tomorrow, so stylist must know how to change with the times. A stylist with a great attitude, positive outlook, a good education and training can make large sums of money. That said, cosmetology is a great business to get into, and with the right tools anyone with the drive can be successful.

In following essay you will learn how to become a successful cosmetologist. To become a successful cosmetologist, there are several techniques to follow such as, gaining the proper knowledge. To begin your career as a cosmetologist you must first apply and be accepted to an accredited trade school. Once enrolled in an accredited school, you must complete 750 practical hours and 750 theory hours. Practical hours are the hours spent working on mannequins and live models. Theory hours are attained by doing course work such as; basic anatomy, hair styling theory, skin and nail care, makeup, and interpersonal skills. http://www. naccas. org/PressRelease/IndustryNews/Relarticles. asp) After successful completing the cosmetology course with the required 1500 course, you must then apply to the cosmetology state board. To apply to the State Board of Cosmetology, the following must be submitted: a certificate of completion give by the attended school; a fee of 85 dollars; and a copy of state issued photo identification card. Once your materials have been submitted you will be notified of your test date. In return the board will send a list of things you are required to bring in order to be tested.

The test consists of a three hour recall of the knowledge retained while in school. There will be a written test given to test your knowledge of the course materials. Following the written, will be hands of test, where you are required to work with mannequins. This test will include four sections, proper roller placement, proper chemical procedure, proper hair cut, and proper hair press. If each test is successfully complete with at least a score of 70 you will receive your license in mail within two weeks. Following the completion of a 1500 hour course and receiving your license you are ready to work.

With a cosmetology license you are able to work in any salon in the state you were licensed, or those who share reciprocity with said state. However, having a license doesn’t prepare you for the fast pace and each new trend. That said, to keep up with the trendsetters you must continue your education. By continuing your education, you can learn all the new techniques and styles and be ahead of the competition. There are always hands on classes offered year round teach any stylist what is new, or how to master the traditional.

Also, every Bornor Brothers presents the biggest hair show in North America twice a year. Stylist are given the chance compete or take classes on varies techniques. Another essential tool to becoming a successful cosmetologist is developing intrapersonal skills. Being a cosmetologist requires long hours of human interaction, so great customer service is the key. Despite, how a client’s personality maybe you must always be respectful, and professional. Because you depend on the customers business as for your source of money, you actually need them to be prosperous.

That said a courteous attitude, a smile, and respectful manner will take you a long way. In the same way being respectful and having a good work ethic goes hand and hand. Having a good work ethic ensures happy customers, and a happy customer is a repeat customer. The best advertisement is word of mouth; it can be beneficial or it could be a hideous, however that depends on your work ethic. People like a hard worker, who performs well and who have moral values. Your clients are the back bone of your business, and you must show them how appreciative you are.

By continuing to give them what they want with a pleasant attitude, you are guaranteed to have a customer throughout the duration of your career. Equally important, as the above tools, time management is a must. Without time management you will easily become stressed, especially if you are not accustomed to being in a fast pace situation. You must prioritize, create a to-do list, and develop a daily and weekly schedule. This may seem tedious at first, but trust me; you will thank me in the end. Without time management, your life will become very stressful, and stress can be damaging to your health.

In the future, if you have plans to advance your career or open your own salon, you must set goals. Goal setting, well help you stay on track and keep you motivated. You must set long term goals that you hope to accomplish, then set short term goals that will make achieving the long term goals more plausible. Finally, to tie all of the skills together and to become a successful cosmetologist, you must dress for success. No one wants to be waited on by a slob. If you dress professionally and keep up with the trends other will take notice.

Before anyone sees how well you work, or how great your personality is, they are face with your outer image. You can build your clientele just by walking down the street or in a mall, by presenting properly. If you dress trendy and have your hair done, people will approach you and ask you does your hair. Now that’s what I call free advertisement. Personal hygiene is just as important as gaining the proper knowledge. Personal hygiene and personal appearance goes hand and hand. Personal hygiene is the first step to good grooming and good health.

In conclusion, to become a successful cosmetologist, the key is to be motivated and dedicated to be prosperous. The world of beauty is a mainstream and growing industry. Everyone wants to look good and spends thousands of dollars each year to do so. That said, cosmetology is a great business to get into, and with the right tools anyone with the drive can be successful. Proper knowledge and continuous educations is must, when preparing for a new career. Therefore, perfecting your intrapersonal skills, time management, goal setting, and outer image, will maximize your potential.

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