How to change a flat tire

5 May 2017

How to change a flat tire Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen to everyone. You’re driving along with your mind on something else, and suddenly your car pulls to one side and you hear that dreaded flapping sound of a flat tire. Nowadays, many drivers have roadside assistance services that will come fix your flats, but it’s always smart to know how to change a flat yourself. First I will be talking about the supplies necessary to change your flat tire, then how to get the flat tire off, and then how to put on the spare tire.

First I’m going to tell you the necessary supplies needed to take off the flat tire and put the spare tire on. Necessary/ Optional supplies The Jack (2. ) Lug Wrench (3. ) spare Tire 1. Nessacery supplies (1 . ) (All of these supplies come with your car. ) 2. Optional supplies (1 . ) Flashlight (with extra batteries) (2. ) Gloves (3.

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) Tarp or mat to kneel on (These supplies you will have to buy if wanted. ) Now that we have our supplies let’s talk about how to take off the flat tire. (1 . ) Find a safe spot to pull over 2. Turn on your hazard lights (3. ) Place a heavy object in front of the front and back tires (4. ) Use the wrench to loosen the lug nuts (5. )

Use the Jack to lift the vehicle off the ground (6. ) Remove the lug nuts and pull the tire off the car (Keep your lug nuts) Now for the final step how to put on your spare tire. (1 . )

Place the spare on the car line up the lug nut posts with the holes in the spare (2. ) Put on the lug nuts you kept (Not all the way tight Just a little to keep it on while you ack down) (3. Lower the car back to the ground (4. ) Make sure the lug nuts are tightened (5. ) Put your flat tire and tools back in your trunk In conclusion IVe taught you what supplies are needed to change a flat tire, how to take off your flat tire, and put on your spare. So when in you’re in the middle of nowhere will you Just call assistance and wait an hour or do it yourself and get going in 30 minutes? The decision is yours. How to change a flat tire By JJ48rules

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