How to Compare and Contrast

9 September 2016

There are different ways to cope with death and after dying responsibilities. Can you imagine what could happen to your family if you die without a life insurance? On this essay we are going to the differences and similarities between the two writings on life insurance (“Don? t burry your head in the sand” by Kara Gammell and “Are you making plans for your wife’s death” by Albany Life). The most notable difference between these two writings is the register. The first writing is much more formal than the second one.

It analyses the problem (dying without insurance) and solves it with critical and convictive arguments. The first writing tries to make you the idea of insurance is essential but as if the reporter has nothing to do with this insurance. This makes you think that live insurance is really important. On the second writing the tone is much more humoristic, typical of an advert. Yet another difference between this two writing is the type of persuasion used. On the first writing persuades the reader by informing that prices on insurance will change for December.

How to Compare and Contrast Essay Example

To acquire more realism, this version is supported by Ian Hughes, chief executive of Consumer Intelligence. The second writing persuades the reader giving a little less advantages and examples than on the first one and creates the impression that the decision of taking a life insurance is fully moral “For a father, it is a very necessary duty”. Analysing deeply enogh, it can notice a big difference on the type of writing. On the first writing everything is well explained and is supported by other characters or statistics. On the second writing, it is really interesting how the writing is performed.

The athour is continuously asking questions wich it? s answer is obvious according to a correct moral. This makes you think that the correct thing to do is to adquire a life insurance, but the text also recommends you to acquire “Albany Life” insurances. Here are the main differences between the two writings about life insurances. As we can see each writing uses different ways to gain what they want. It is important to analyze the different writings and acquire an own idea about the theme they are talking about. (388 WORDS) Comparison And Contrast Essay

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