How to Do a Research Paper

4 April 2015
A guide for writing a research paper.

This paper describes the elements and process in writing a research paper. The author writes in the manner of teaching a method and ethics of academic writing.
Table of Contents
Choosing a Topic
Finding a Topic
Specific Topic
List of Topics
Random Topic
Gathering Data
Data Sources
Where to Find Data
How to use Data
Define It
“The most important aspect of doing a research paper is choosing the topic. Sometimes the professor has already chosen the topic. Other times there may be a list of topics from which the student is free to choose. There also may be times that the research paper may be a topic exclusively of the students choosing. Once a topic is chosen it should be narrowed down, for example if the topic is “Education,” the focus may be streamlined to “Elementary Education.” It is important not to pick a subject that is too advanced for the writer and avoid subjects where data is not readily accessible.”

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