How to do things

6 June 2017

Introduction: Racial Profiling Not many of you have heard of Racial Profiling. If you have, you probably heard it over the news or even your parents talking about it. Now most don’t like to talk about it, since its a very controversial term, It can offend a person. Yet, thats not what we are here for. We are here to explain that racial profiling is a must and is necessary . It’s be getting a lot of bad rap from everybody. But, its has its pros like everything else.

Basic Information: On Christmas Day, 2009, twenty-three-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab ttempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 using explosives hidden in his underwear. A string of missed opportunities and errors by government security agencies culminated In what President Obama would declare a “systemic failure,” Is scanning everyone with expensive, high-tech equipment the best use of limited resources? Or should we use the information that we have”the knowledge that many terrorists are of different races.

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The Common Application no longer requires a short answer essay from all applicants, but many colleges continue to include the hort answer as part of a supplement. The short answer essay prompt typically states something Ilke this: “Briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. ” Christie wrote the following sample short answer essay to elaborate upon her love of running: It is the simplest of movements: right foot, left foot, right foot. It is the simplest of actions: run, relax, breathe. For me, running is both the most basic and the most complex activity I perform In any day.

While my body adjusts to the challenges of ravel paths and steep inclines, my mind is free to drift, to sift through whatever needs sorting or disposing the upcoming days tasks, an argument with a friend, some nagging stress. As my calf muscles loosen and my breathing settles into Its deep rhythm, I am able to release that stress, forget that argument, and set my mind in order. And at the midway point, two miles into the course, I stop at the hilltop vista overlooking my little town and the surrounding woodlands. For just a moment, I stop to listen to my own strong heartbeat. Then I run again.

Critique of Christie’s Short Answer Essay Christie has focused on a personal activity, running, not any history-making achievement, team triumph or world-changing social work. As such, the short answer essay does not highlight any kind of remarkable accomplishment or personal talent. But think about what this short answer essay does reveal Christie Is someone who can find pleasure in the “simplest” of activities. She is someone who has found an effective way for dealing with stress and finding peace and equilibrium in her life. She reveals that sne is in tune witn ner selt and ner small town environment.

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