CorporationIn every successful organization there should be some ethical practices adopted in order for organizations to be successful and maintain their success. Ethical practices in businesses and organizations involve avoid doing what can be harmful or wrong in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Employees are considered assets of an organization, they are the people who work and contribute to the company or organization to let it function and produce. Therefore, organizations and businesses must know how to keep the existing good employees, and to develop the ones with obvious potentials in an ethical manner.

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It is one of the great ethical practices to provide fair promotions and trainings opportunities for every employee, similarly, good working conditions, and timely payment of salaries. This ethical practice can be applied in organizations only if the business itself is ethical. Communication is one way of implementing this practice. Employers and managers must communicate job expectations to their employees and acknowledge the contributions employees make to the company’s success. Communication is a critical component in companies’ performance management system.

Employees’ evaluation is another way of applying fair opportunities at work, regular performance evaluations for employees in different department guarantees that each employee get what he/she deserves. Also, the business or company must ensure that all the employment decisions and practices are consistent with federal and country employment laws. The implementation of such an ethical practice will defiantly be in favor of the business. When the employee sees that his/her work is being recognized and appreciated the right way, the employee then has a great incentive to carry on his/her work and increases his/her productivity .

Furthermore, the spread of fair treatment, promotions, salary increment and so on and so forth will give the business a great reputation that will attract excellent workers to come and work for the business, which accordingly will benefit the business as well as the employee. Besides the ethical provision of opportunities to employees in a certain business, a clear code of ethics is another important ethical practice that should be implemented in every business. Wehave seen successful businesses fail.

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We also have watched profitable companies and businesses suffer from imminent bankruptcy, while some corporates seem to receive a huge fall in their profits and similarly their popularity. One of the key reasons behind these great failures was the absence of business ethics. Itis very well known that ethics is an important aspect of life and running successful businesses as well. For a business to be effective, it needs to be driven by some genuine, solid ethical values. Companies need to put a strong code of ethics. For example, prevent bribery; this rule must be followed by every employee in the business, to allow the business to succeed.

This ethical practice can be implemented when the employees first start working in the company by introducing them to these codes of ethics and by promoting them clearly and stating what everyone ought to do, and what to strive for. Also, employees have to sign a contract stating every code in the business of course before start working and they should follow those codes while working in the company. The contract has to mention that if any employee doesn’t follow the company’s code of ethics he/she will be punished. The existence of the code of ethics will positively impact both sides; both employees and customers of a business.

From the employees’ side, this will help new employees learn important aspects of how to carry out their actions at work, and provides existing employees with something to develop themselves with, and this could be considered as a reminder or something to cite if they are being pushed to do something they believe to be wrong. Moreover, this will give a good feedback about the company and its employees, and the customers will trust the company because it will be known for its strong, ethics which will motivate customers to have important transactions with this business without the fear of getting themselves in trouble.

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