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10 October 2018

I am applying for Harvard University. I believe I am Harvard material because my grade point average right now is a 4.0 weighted and I am currently ranked somewhere between one and fifty. My teachers are so impressed when it comes to my assignments because I like to compare my work with my peers while finishing the assignment. My papers are so well written because I like to research my topic and intertwine other scholars ideas with my own in order to embellish the overall paper.

Also, you may have noticed my name. Yes you guessed right, I am a distant cousin of number 21 on the San Diego Chargers, LaDainian Tomlinson. My cousin said he would be so pleased if I was accepted into Harvard. He has already promised to visit me when he is off . He even hinted at helping out with the football program.

In addition to having good greats I am also an athlete. I joined the lacrosse team freshman year and sophomore year I was named co-captain. Half-way through my second season I was promoted to captain because Alyssa, the original captain, accidentally slipped down the stairs while we were at a party. The police suspect foul play, but I didn’t see anything. We were so distressed when we heard the sorrowful news, because Alyssa was hurt so badly, the doctors don‘t know when she will get better. Coach wanted to wait for a miracle, but their was no time to wait after all state was coming up, we needed a new captain and I was willing to take up the responsibility half-way through the season.

Another reason why I would be a good choice for Harvard is because I am very well acquainted with foreign leaders, because my cousin and I travel across the globe. I make small talk with the princes and dukes, and even go out for drinks and dancing with some. They have grown so accustomed to my present, and trust me so much that they no longer grow concerned if they spill their parents up and coming political policies and military strategies. I wish I could tell you what those strategies are, but I was sworn to secrecy and would not dare breaking a promise. Don’t even bother asking them about what we talked about over drinks. They don’t remember themselves.

For all these reasons I truly hope to be a student at Harvard. I hope you consider my application and treat me like all the other students applying to Harvard. Please don’t accept me based on my family but on my scholastic achievements and leadership positions. I look forward to being a student at Harvard; Class of 2014. And I really hope you accept me because I would hate to bring my resources elsewhere, such as Yale. I look forward to seeing my results. Thank you!

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