How to Hard Rock Cafe Success

3 March 2018

With the mission: To spread the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll by delivering an exceptional entertainment and dining experience. We are committed to being an important, contributing member of our community and offering the Hard Rock family a fun, healthy, and nurturing work environment while ensuring our long-term success. Nash, SSH. (December 14th, 2009). Hard Rock cafeĀ© has won continued success since it was founded in June 14, 1971 when the rock music was explosive in England.Hard Rock CafeĀ© has uniqueness and more importantly it has launched an excellent strategy in operation management.

Experience strategy has helped Hard rock cafeĀ© grow room its first CafeĀ© to 129 world wide locations. Bellow is the discussion on some out of 10 decisions of operation management run on Hard Rock CafeĀ©. Taking the success of the Hard Rock CafeĀ© into consideration means considering its service quality and product design. The CafeĀ© offers a range of services from cafes, live music, Rock concerts to hotels and casinos.They serve customer by “modifying the menu from classic American – burgers and chicken wings- to include higher-end items such as stuff veal chops and lobster tail” (Higher & Render, 2010). And of course, its quality must be the top harts. They always usually change their menu based on the frequent customer survey and localized food taste.

“Surveys are done on a regular basis to evaluate quality of food and service at the cafeĀ©. Scores are rated on a 1 to 7 scale. And if the score is not a 7, the food or service is a failure” (Higher & Render, 2010).Hard Rock not simply offers meals and drink, it provides a unique different experience in each location. ” Experiences are not exclusive about entertainment; company stage an experience whenever they engage customers in a personal and memorable way” (Pine Gilmore, 1998). Surely, the key has driven Hard Rock CafeĀ© to success is to build a standard Of quality and keep its product and services meet the standard. One factor that brings success to Hard Rock CafeĀ© is Human resource strategy.

Based on their specific services, from the recruitment Hard Rock CafeĀ© looks for people who are passionate with music, like to serve people and have ability to tell story. “Hard Rock builds on a hiring criterion of bright, positive attitude, self-motivated individuals with an employee bill of rights and substantial employee power” (Higher & Render, 2010). These people will rely inspire customer and make them happy. Hard Rock CafeĀ© also created a great working environment with people who have the same interest but different personality. Besides, training plan is also a very good strategy at Hard Rock. The company’s training is very specific, with job-oriented interactive CDC covering kitchen, retail, and front – of – the house service. ” (Higher & Render, 2010).

Through the training employees improve themselves both personally and professionally. Staffs are highly motivated because they can see their opportunities in Hard Rock even they are from a owe level as 60% of the managers here are promoted from part time staff. Such strategies have revealed that the Cafe really cares about their employees and their employees do not Only come for money but also to obtain job satisfaction. Because location is such a significant cost and revenue driver, location often has the power to make (or break) a company’s business strategy” (Higher & Render, 2010). Therefore, Hard Rock CafeĀ© has been spending much time and great efforts to analyses location whenever they want to open a new CafeĀ©. Focusing on tourists and people who love music therefore demographics, suitors market, transportation, restaurants/night clubs and political risk are emphasized factors for researching to make sure that Hard Rock CafeĀ© is located in a convenient place for their potential customers.The analysis also helps them have a long term investment in each Hard Rock cafeĀ©.

Every opened cafeĀ© is a result of an extremely careful decision after investigating the target markets, the proper places and considering the future success in a long period of time. Therefore, location contributes a crucial role in expanding Hard Rock CafeĀ© popularity to world-wide nowadays. The layout is also another important decision that management has to make, and they did really well. The kitchen is set up to be not just only a normal kitchen but also a comfortable working space for all the staff.The kitchen flows are designed in order to make sure that the chief, waiters and waitresses have enough space to do their work. The bar and restaurant are designed to bring the highest income for Hard Rock CafeĀ©. The installation of lighting, sound, screens, music and circulation paths is in order to praise memorabilia and as a result, customers are convinced to buy souvenirs durably.

In fact, the retail shops produce about half the company’s profit and they are always displayed at eye-catching areas such as within the restaurant space, flow and work stations.It’s obviously that scheduling is one of the most important decisions at Hard Rock CafeĀ©. Mr.. Ken Hoffman, Hard Rock’s General manager takes scheduling very serious. There are some factors that affect sales that Ken Hoffman cares when he makes schedule. The number of occupied rooms in nearby hotels is important because not all guests will have dinner in the Hotels.

They will look or dinning spots and of course Hard Rock cafeĀ© will be their destination because of it uniqueness and well-known. The next factor that they consider is how many events will occur in the area.The third one is they examine the sales at the same day of previous year. Another factor that Hard Rock CafeĀ© takes into account is the enterĀ©e sales data, each enterĀ©e is present 1 customer. With the result of the forecast, Hard Rock Cafe estimates the number of guest will come and they can have an appropriate plan on staffing and menu. There is a fact that inventory management is a different side of Hard Rock Abe. It is not too much when saying that the collection Of rock and memorabilia is a trademark that makes Hard Rock cafe widespread every”here around the world.

Customers come to Hard Rock Cafe not only for the meals they serve there but also for the items of their favorite artists that they can find on the cafe walls. These items; including autographed guitars, outfits from world tours and rare photographs; are collected and taken care by a special group in Orlando. They manage every single item with every single history, know exactly which item is being exhibit in which cafe on which wall through an inventory system using advantaged technology. A life circle of the exhibition of an item is around 5 to 7 years.

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