How To Help Struggling Readers

4 April 2015
This paper examines the diagnosis and remediation of reading problems.

This paper discusses different types of reading disorders. Diagnosis and remediation of reading and reading comprehension problems are outlined. A review of the related literature is included.
“Aaron, Malatesha and March (1999) defined a reading disability as “below-average achievement in reading comprehension as assessed by a standardized test.” That definition seems too narrow, as it ignores the early difficulties of emergent readers. Felton (2001) adopted Gough and Turmer’s simple definition of reading as the combination of word identification and language comprehension, with both components necessary for literacy. Teachers and remedial reading instructors agree that it is not enough for students to acquire the ability to unlock unknown words. The final goal of reading is to read new information and understand what the writer is trying to communicate. While comprehension is the final goal, many students need specific instruction in the word recognition skills that will allow them to gain that meaning. It is also universally recognized that some students will have marked difficulty either in acquiring those word attack and word recognition skills, or in getting the meaning of what they’ve read, or in remembering what they have read.”
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