How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

3 March 2017

How to live a healthy lifestyle A healthy life will make us feel better and simply live longer , because our body is a complex set of systems that strive for balance . When our body is in balance we feel good and healthy . Therefore , one of the biggest benefits of a healthy life is maintaining this balance and following good habits . What is a healthy life ? A healthy life is all about balance . Eating the right foods , getting plenty of exercise and having a positive attitude are the cornerstones of a healthy life .

Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits , low fat protein sources , and whole wheat bread and pasta , and drink at least 8 glasses of water to have a healthy diet . Next , we should also get 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week . Of course we should not smoke , take illegal drugs or abuse alcohol . Find enjoyable hobbies and try to look on positive side of life . All of these things will add up to a healthy life and you will reap the benefits . Our personality and mind play an important part of our overall health .

We can get this from meditation . Meditation helps us to find our center and quiet our mind . A positive attitude is also very beneficial to our health . It can boost our immune system and protect us from catching every bug that comes along . Healthy food is essential . So , what is healthy food ? Healthy food is food that has low fat content . Unless that fat is poly-unsaturated , mono-unsaturated , or omega 3 . These are some of the good fats . Some of the bad fats are trans and saturated fats . These fats raise your LDL cholesterol , which is the bad cholesterol .

Besides that , low sugar content is another plus . Sucrose is the bad kind of sugar . Glucose is the good kind of sugar . Both are sugar , so both are classified as sugar , on the label . For example , raisins that don’t have sugar added still have a lot of sugar , because it’s the good sugar , glucose . Exercise is key for a healthy life as well . One of the biggest problems in Malaysia today is lack of activity . We know it’s good fir us but we avoid it because we’re used to being sedentary . So , we should go to gym every once in a while .

Or take a run around our neighborhood . Even taking our dog for a walk is good . Frequent and routine exercise everyday helps boost our immune system and helps prevent the disease of affluence such as heart disease , cardio vascular disease , diabetes and obesity . It also improves mental health and prevent depression . On the other hand , don’t abuse your body . Don’t work out too much because it can cause our body to not function properly when we work out . It is best to leave a day or two off to get back our energy . We should also learn to enjoy ourselves .

Don’t stress ourselves over anything . Stress can tense our muscles , which will make us feel unhappy and unwell . If we worry too much about our health , we’ll be making it worse , so just relax once in a while . In conclusion , it’s never too late to start a healthy life . It is not hard to develop healthy habits . It just takes commitment and education . Research our options to start living a healthy life and develop a plan to get our body in it’s peak condition . We will feel better , look better and have better quality of life .

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