How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

10 October 2016

An electric frying pan, 2 slices of bread (preferably white), (softened) butter, and some cheese of your choice Step 1. Plug in and pre-heat the electric frying pan to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Step 2. Take your butter and spread it on one side of both pieces of bread. Step 3. Then you need the cheese (if you are cutting it of a block, 1 eighth of an inch is my recommended thickness) But I like to use singles cheese slices with mine. Step 4. Place your cheese in-between the un-buttered sides of your bread so that the buttered sides are facing out. Step 5. When your electric frying pan is fully heated, place the sandwich on it. Step 6.

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Let it sit for around 3 minutes, if you want a panini style sandwich, then you can lightly press on the sandwich with a a spatchula while it’s cooking. Step 7. Then flip it and let the other side sit for only about 2 and a half minutes. Step 8. Then it’s done! Step 9. If you want to make it better, try adding Ketchup on the side, along with a pickle. Step 10. Part of the process of making anything is the clean up so don’t forget to put away everything, including turning off and unplugging the electric frying pan.

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