How to Make Mac N Cheese

2 February 2017

If someone were to ask any college student or teenager what they could cook, the meal they will probably respond with is Macaroni and Cheese. During the grinding days of college life, students don’t have the time or money to cook big meals. For beginning students, cooking Macaroni and Cheese is essential because mom and dad are not there to cook for you anymore. It is a quick, cheap, and easy recipe that is delicious and every college student should know how to make.

Anybody can become an expert Macaroni and Cheese maker in no time.The process of making this delicious treat takes under fifteen minutes and can be done with common utensils and ingredients found in your kitchen. First off, you need to gather them and you will need a one quarter cup of milk, one quarter cup of margarine, macaroni noodles, and the cheese sauce mix. A good way to prepare this meal is to set out all your ingredients on your counter so you will have them all at hand. Next lay out your cooking materials. You will need a cooking pot which is able to accommodate more than six cups of water and which will not overflow when the noodles are poured into the water.Another utensil needed for this procedure is a strainer to drain the noodles in.

How to Make Mac N Cheese Essay Example

After the water has already boiled and you have cooked the noodles you will have to strain the noodles somehow, and the strainer will do the trick. Now, you are ready to begin cooking. Start off by pouring six cups of water into a stove safe bowl. Turn on your stove to the highest temperature so you can get the water to boil. This process of making the water boil will probably take around seven to ten minutes. After the water has come to a boil, reduce the heat on the stove to around three quarters of full power.Once you have done this, pour the macaroni noodles from the box gradually into the water.

Let the noodles sit in the water for eight to ten minutes or until the noodles are soft. Stir the noodles occasionally to prevent the noodles from sticking together. When this process is all complete, transfer the noodles to a strainer over the sink. Be very careful, not only is the water very hot, but the noodles are as well. Just let the noodles sit in the strainer for a minute or two, or until most of the moisture has drained from the noodles.You may now transfer the noodles back into the pot that you had cooked them in. Now the cooking is done and it’s almost time to chow down.

The next step is to put all the ingredients into the pot of drained noodles. Begin first with the powdered cheese sauce mix, then pour in the quarter cup of margarine into the pot and mix these first two ingredients for about a minute or until all has been mixed into the noodles. Last of the ingredients is the quarter cup of milk. You may now pour in the milk gradually while mixing it into the noodles.Gradually doing this will help the milk get dispersed equally. Once again, mix in all these ingredients to make sure that all have been dissolved into the noodles. Now the final step is to pour it into a bowl and enjoy.

Making Macaroni and Cheese is a very simple process but some people still do not know how to make it. It is a quick and delicious meal that any college students starting to get out in life can make. Students short on time or money for food can whip it up and go on with the rest of the day with a full stomach and begin studying.

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