How to make school better

8 August 2016

Honestly, I like school, I really do its just I get bored easily! I like being able to come and see my friends, learn new things, and not just sit at home doing nothing. We need more fun in this school. We need to like change it up, make it more lively not so much like a prison. A way we can make it not so boring would be, make the classes shorter. Instead of having about 45 minutes each class make them like 35 minutes, then we could have another break maybe after 6th hour.

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Having another break could also make us more awake because we would be able to talk with our friends instead of sitting in class listening to teachers or not doing something interesting which makes us sleepy. Also in a second break we could be doing fun activities or something hands-on to make us not so sleepy. In the classes I think we should be doing more fun things, instead of sitting in a desk for 45 minutes. Another way we can make it better would be, screw the detentions.

All the staff in this school says they are trying to make us ready for college, but in college there aren’t no detections, no nothing. If we don’t show up thats our own problem on missing out of what was learned in class that day and punishing us doesn’t really make a difference. In college they don’t go around chasing you telling you, you have detention and why didn’t you go and things like that, so why do it here if people here are trying to get you ready for college. Just doesn’t make sense. I like doing things on the computer like assignments, notes, etc. and I’m sure other students do to. So doing more computer/technology things would be better also. A lot of student are more into typing things than writing things now days. When it comes to taking notes, i think it’s more useful on the computer because you’re able to change colors, highlight, insert charts/pictures, different size things. Wen on paper it takes more time, example if you want to highlight you got to write it all then highlight, when on the computer you can highlight as your writing.

Incase you’re sick one day your friend can share/email the notes to you. You can also share/email your assignments to your teachers or whatever. Now if only the school would actually listen to what us students have to say. It is where we go to school so we should enjoy going not feel like we are in a prison. Those are some things they could change to make it better, but not like they will change and even if they do it wouldn’t matter to us seniors because it’s our last year.

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